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Dream... Or should I say nightmare ?


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I had a dream that...

I was with my husband and we were at a baseball game. For whatever reason I was standing on a rooftop about to bat but along comes my father-in-law and he's trying to jump in and take my turn! So I turn to my husband and ask him what's going on it was supposed to be my turn. He tells ne to just let him and so I sit down on the edge of the roof and watch him take his shot. I'm looking around and end up looking at this man whose very very angry! He yells me I had nerve to look at him and he's gonna show me or teach me a lesson. He pulls out a gun and starts shooting he misses and everyone Is going crazy my husband grabs me and we go into an apartment and somehow I'm still being shot At. I don't feel the shot but I think to myself I must have been shot and losing a lot of blood because I'm sooo tired (in my dream) so I doze off and when I wake up I'm in EXTREME pain like it's unbareable and my mouth feels swollen. I go to the mirror in The bathroom and my face looks horrendous! It's huge. I open my mouth and to my horror I have teeth missing some have holes in them and still falling out! I go to my husband crying my eye balls out and he laughs at me. Telling me how "messed up" my teeth really are. Incry even harder and my teeth keep falling out. WHAT DIES THIS MEAN? I don't understand!!!

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I'm not one to think nightmares mean anything in particular, and in my opinion they only mean something if you decide to assign a meaning to them. Sometimes we just have bad dreams - happens to me if I'm too hot, if I've taken a sleeping pill, or sometimes if I'm too tired. It also happens if I'm generally stressed out or anxious - is there something going on in your life right now that's stressing you out?


If you love your husband and are happy in your relationship with him, I wouldn't worry about it. It's not your subconscious trying to tell you something, it's just a bunch of images sown together.


My dream last night was that I was living next to someone who had attacked and eaten a bunch of other human beings, and every time I saw him in the hallway I was terrified. Super scary, but I don't think it relates to my life at all (thank God)!

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Look up all the definations and events about dreams and match them together.


I did once while having a dream about storm chasing. The Ultimate message was I wanted my voice to be heard, My spritial life is on the right track, I have wealth and abundance, I'm on the track for success, however I have six people in my life who are ticking time bombs!.


I think once you do that you can determine weather or not you had a nightmare.

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It could mean anything. You have to corelate it to your life to see how it matches up and what significance or meaning the symbolism may have. That being said, here's my interpretation:


The father-in-law is pretty obvious. You feel in competition with him for your husband's attention. In order not to make waves or disrespect anyone, you don't make these feelings known, causing you to feel as though you are sitting on the sidelines. The guy with the gun is the part of your psyche telling you you're crazy to be feeling this way and that you should "kill" those feelings, hence the shooting. The scene in the mirror is you examining yourself and the physical imperfections you see represent the insecurites you are feeling. Your husband is laughing at them because he doesn't see the reason why you should be having these insecurites.


But like I said, that's just my interpretation based on the imagery you provided. It has no validity. You have to match your life experience to the dream in order to derive any sort of interpretive meaning from it.

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