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Is going out for a drink leading someone on? I just want more friends.


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Scenario is... boy I work with, only 21, asks me if I want to go for a drink after work. I joke and say, "as long as you don't tell everyone we slept together..." hahaha, we laugh, "this is not a date." He agrees and says he would never and no it's not a date. I'm wired and have no plans so we meet up somewhere. Well... he ends up paying for my drink because I have no cash on me. Then we get to our cars and he says he deserves a hug for paying for me... I playfully hug him. Then he texts me while I'm driving home and tells me to text him to let him know I made it home safe. HOW DID THIS GO SO WRONG?! I'm dating someone else I am very happy with. In fact, I literally just want more friends, and this guy and I have a lot of similar interests. So, did I lead him on? I want to hang with him, he's so fun and smart, but I don't want him as a bf. Is that so wrong?

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