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This is a question about the tightness of a vagina, and how important it is for the man.


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Actually a personal question. So I'm in my late 20's and have had about 12 sexual partners in my life, no kids. I never actually sat down and thought, "is my vagina tight enough?", but lately, somehow, this exact question has crept into my head with this new guy I'm dating. He is great and we have a lot of fun together, he's also very respectful. Sexually I've been insecure though.


This is going to be detailed, just warning you. So it occurred to me the other day when we were having sex that he never vocalizes, "you are so tight" when he enters me. What he often says is, "you are so warm and wet." I acknowledge that this is a plus, but am insecure because the natural progression of events should be, "you are so wet and tight on my penis". Yeah I've watched a lot of porn in my day, so maybe I'm brainwashed.


Another reason I am insecure is that he has a big penis, I don't know exact inches, but it's big. The problem is, I don't feel like it is that big when he's in me. I'm baffled... do I have a huge vagina? I know this sounds crazy, but is it possible? Even when I think back to the guy I lost my virginity to, not even he said that I was tight. I'll experience a lot of pleasure if it's doggie style, and with certain angles I'll defiantly cum, but I feel like with the size of his penis I should feel consumed by him.


What is going on here? I'm confused. How do I tighten up? I don't want to disappoint him, but his only other partner was a virgin and I'm feeling a bit insecure about this for obvious reasons. Any advice? He's never had a problem ejaculating or anything like that, so this may just be a personal insecurity. It's just that I like him so much that I want to be the best sex he's ever had. If this is the guy I end up with I don't want to always be worrying. And yes, I know about kegels, I'm just not religious about doing them. Thanks everyone.

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Yeah it matters, but unless you abuse it, it really shouldn't get loose to where sex won't work for the guy. My criteria at this age is for the girl to be really tight (no loose women haha), but in time I don't expect it to be that. Idk but really you should be fine unless you do something like fisting and even then it should be fine (you can have kids).


If I meet a girl and she's loose then that's a dealbreaker for me, if you're asking that.

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Really? I was told that. And I'm sure they said it when I was actually very tight, because it was painful for me too. I like to hear it sometimes.


lol nope i havent! Usually when a girl is all wet and gushy down there it doesnt matter because its goin in tight or not! But then again maybe i just havent had a loose girl to compare to

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No, never "abused" the vagina, nope. lol The idea of fisting makes me vomit. And I know what worriedgirl is saying, sometimes I want to hear "you're so tight". Actually, I'm a huge fetish type person, so him wanting to "hurt me" with his penis comes into play, and I'm like, dammit, why isn't it hurting me! He's the biggest I've been with and I feel somehow cheated.

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too tight too bad...


but ive had two vaginal births...one baby 7lb 14oz and my daughter 10lb 1oz


i didnt really do pelvics after and like you i was concerned about how tight i was. my ex thought i had a c-section because he thought i was tight (i was over moon we he said that and really was serious)


...however, what i did do in way of toning i guess, when i would climax i would naturally 'squeeze' quite hard (ya kna girls what i mean) its like pelvic floor exercise but waaaay more fun. I guess OP when you pleasure yourself and come, really squeeze then...you will not only love it but your floor gets a workout too


and yes the porn will over act convo because they are trying to convey the feeling onto film to react with the viewer. pornos are NOT reality but they can be quite damaging all the same. do not base your normal body or vagina on a bloody porno

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