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So i have been on ENA processing my way through a break up for a while now, been NC then broke it then NC then broke it , now has been most successful NC yet of 8 days... i ended it with my ex as he couldnt commit , not now or in the foreseeable future , not even sure about a year down the track to even consider it so after 3 tries at it i eventually cut it off permanently, no maybe, could, would just no, no more ... sorry but i deserve more.


Well got a random message on FB from an ex from about 7 yrs ago, we were together for over 3 years and he raised my daughter with me for that time, proposed twice and i turned him down both times... we stayed friends and all was amicable and normal when we last spoke about 3 years ago.

So we start chatting about catch up stuff...how is your family, how is mine, how is work, life in general , then he asks "so, are you all married up and s**t yet?" and i say no im not all married up , how is that going for you , and i get the reply "well, i haven't found the love of my life yet...well i did but she up and left me, she moved away"... my response was i am sorry to hear that , i hope your ok with it and maybe you can work it out otherwise im sure there will be another great girl around the corner

what i wasnt expecting was "yeah so are you ready to work it out yet"... i was completely blind sided, i did not expect this


the conversation continued and i ignored the comments but he kept at it, reminded me about how when we split about 8 years ago due to me not being ready for marriage and more kids at 19, (i did say in an emotional state that maybe things would be different, once i had lived my life a little and grown up), He made it clear he waited and i am still the love of his life, he has tried to move on but no one has come close


as we were chatting i realised that i am now on the flip side, is this my karma, i broke his heart years ago and now im ready for commitment, i cannot find it and the man i thought was it cant give me any of it.


Does anyone believe in karma ? am i getting what goes around comes around ?

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Sometimes coincidence is so obvious that we can not help but think the current situation is because of something very hurtful you did to someone in the past.


I am generally a skeptic and it's all just coincidence.


But there are rare moments where it all just seems a bit to weird.....


This appears to be one of those moments OP.


If you do believe it is karma, I suggest you take it for what it is.

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