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Hate that stupid 'Im leaving for the best' CRAP


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WHAT IS THE * * * * ING POINT!!!!! arrrrrrrrrrrrr


It pisses me off to no end - yes things get complicated and diffciult but you dont walk away from the person who has been helping you get through it, actually cares and would give anything to spend the rest of their lives with that 1 person, no strings attacheted, the real deal and they say, we should part ways so my life doesnt complicated yours! BULL * * * * !!!!! I could go on and on and on & on AND * * * * ING ON!!!!!



You clain to love that person they you stay beside them and accept their help, you just accept the fact that things get hard but facing them alone is not the answer!!!!! YOU NEED HELP, you dont go away, you do the stronger and more noble by STAYING and getting through things together!!!

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