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Dancing Confusion


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Okay so I went to a(high)school dance...well I danced a few song with different people(they tried to teach me to dance since I'm really shy). Well the last song I didn't dance well I wasn't going to...but this guy I sorta know asked me to dance...


So this guy well I don't know him that well I only have one class with him(he is a junior I'm a freshman)I don't have lunch with upperclassmen either. I can't really tell if he likes me because he doesn't flirt with me. Most important piece for there is my best friend likes him and he sometimes flirts with her on like trips we take.


Oh and I was like the only one not dancing except like three other people. So when he was walking over to me he was like laughing/smiling sorta looking back. When he got to me he said, "Wanna dance? Last song."(almost just like that) holding out his hand. I didn't get his hand but I walked over there with him. When we were walking to the dancefloor he said, "Let's go over by your friend." I could see my friend that liked him, well a few people away.


Okay so this is how we were dancing...if you want to know the song it was Down by Jay Sean. Well you know how like the guy is behind the girl holding her hips? Well he had one hand on me and he was really really gentle. When we were dancing my friend(the one that likes him) was watching us so I just looked at the floor with my head kinda tilted. Oh sometimes when he got close to me he backed off a little and when I got close to him I did the same. When the song ended we didn't talk(or when we were dancing) we just went to our friends.


I'm sure I should have said this before but I don't like him. When I was tlking to my friend she got really depressed and kept saying he probably likes me that she was just going to give up. I told her not to that he was probably trying to get her to notice him.

Well I really want to know if he likes me or if I was right that he was trying to get her to notice him.

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Hi MakeBelieve,


Well to be honest, I don't think he likes you. I think he most likely did it either to get your friend's attention (which is stupid), or for some other reason (like his friends telling him to do so). Guys in HS are dumb, and they will do just about anything that their (also dumb) friends tell them to do.


I wouldn't think too much of it. How do you feel about it?



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