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Am I doing the right thing?


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So I met with this guy about a month ago from an online dating site and I liked him very much. Then we decided to see each other two weeks ago. He liked me a lot as well but told me he lied about his age (he's 43 but his profile is 38). My rule is not to date men over 40, but he looks young and attractive, so I ignored this first red flag. Then the second date he kissed me and I was shocked to see that he wanted more than that. I told him I wanted to take it slow and I'm a traditional girl. Indeed we took it slow.


Have been seeing him four or five times a week and we always had a great time together. I'm very busy with work but I managed to arrange time to see him. I thought he's worth the effort although I'm so behind with my work! I kept my online dating profile hidden since we started kissing and holding hands etc. But he was active every day. I thought that we're not exclusive yet so I decided to wait. Tonight after I came home from the date I decided to go there to check him again. Not sure why I do this but my instinc told me he's hiding something from me. He kept checking his cellphone tonight all the time while we were in the movie theater. Here he is, on that dating site even before I arrived home! I called him, no answer. Then I sent a text message saying I deserve more respect than that and told him we should stop seeing each other.I like him a lot and I thought I was in love. Am I doing the right thing? I don't want to wait for him to dump me because my ex left me for another woman. I was deeply wounded and just want to learn my lesson. Plus my instinct tells me that he's NOT the right person. We were very comfortable with each other but his behavior (in addition to his going online every day he is also very self absorbed and talked all about him, his business, and his resentment to Democrats) made me feel very exhausted. I'm tired from work and these were the least that I want to hear.


Did I overreact or I've done a good thing for my own sake?

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