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I broke up with my bf of three years in march this year, and have had contact since. It was really hard in the first few months and found it hard to get over, however in the last few mnths its been quite easy and iv enjoyed myself going out with mates etc.


I went to a festival a few weeks ago with a friend and her friends who i hadnt met before, and i got on so well with one of the guys there, we walked together, danced together and talked together all weekend we just got on like that, hes also gorgeous and such a nice guy. We went on a few dates since and he is the nicest person ive ever met! Since meeting him i havnt had any contact with ex..and thought i was ready for dating again.


Im at uni now and he isnt, he is back in my hometown (only 30mins away on a train so not far) but being back here without him, im really really not sure if im ready for another relationship so soon.. im hardly putting any effort into it atm and i know i could! I occasionally think "i wonder how the ex is doing..." and thats totally unfair to date someone as nice as this guy when these things are still on my mind. I dont understand because i know that i really like him and im also really attracted to him physically but why arent i "overjoyed" and "have butterflies" whenever i think of him!


I have been thinking and i can only think ending it is the best! Its unfair on him because i know he likes me so much more then i like him at the moment but the thing is when i am ready for a relationship i know for definate that i want to try again with him if he wants to.


Im worried that telling him this he might think ive messed him about etc because he gave me a lift back to my uni, paid for meals etc and i feel so bad! He offered to give me a lift, and pay for stuff and i just feel so bad that iv just decided now that im not ready


If you were on the receiving end of this, would you hate me/not want to try again with me, or would you understand? I just dont want him to fall out with me because i know that i really like him and do really want to try again when i know i will put 100% effort in and when i know im totally over the ex.


Thanks for your help

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