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commitment without marriage


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To me, having to commit in relationship means having persistence with a purpose. and the purpose is marriage.

Is there such thing where a man below age 25 is loyal and treats the girl right but does not think of marriage? if so, why?

all i know is that young men who are afraid to get married (ALTHOUGH he loves her) is because

1) is not ready as they think of money to support the family

2) unsure whether if she's the one

3) wants to 'explore' before settling down

4) not mentally ready to take responsbities as a husband & father & son all in a time


if any of those is the reason from a man who doesnt think of marrying the girl he's dating, why is he being serious in the relationship with her?

and is not talking about marriage (but being serious in a relationship) really means he has never thought of marrying her at all?

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Many people are choosing to commit but not marry - women as well as men. Many just don't like the institution, others because they think it will be more likely to split them up than keep them together and others because they feel that their word is good enough without having to have it made official by either government or religious authority.

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You're not seeing outside your own value system, and there are many, many other sets of values and morals in this world.


It sounds like you want a 'traditional' family system where the man 'supports' the wife and kids while the woman stays home and is a homemaker. Frankly, that is the exception and not the norm these days.


and time of first marriage is creeping up closer to 30 than 20 these days, if they marry at all. So many people now either don't want to marry, or don't want to support a stay at home wife while he fulfills the traditional 'man of the house' role.


So many men can be quite serious about a woman and a relationship, but not serious about the idea of marriage and him being the sole breadwinner, so they avoid marriage and kids when young.


If you want to marry young, you need to look for someone with the same value system as yours, perhaps in a church environment where such values tend to be more prevalent these days than elsewhere.

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