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Why is it not fair


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I don't know about you all but I feel cheated.


I got out of a bad relationship last year and when I finally was ready to date I went around met some cool people but nothing really came of it for one reason or another.


Then I come accross someone that I really got into only to find out she wasn't who I thought she was.


To make matters worse although I tried to be a gentleman about everything she turns around and said and done some pretty low things.


In no way did I deserve that because I treated her well.


Then it gets to the point that she doesn't wantt to talk to me??? What? are you serroius? She should be thankful I was such a nice guy to her and if she wasn't so immature we prob would have had something.


But my point is here it is Sat afternoon with no plans, no girl, and I feel like a looser especialy because She prob doesn't even care and I'am sure she will have a good time tonight and I'am sure she has plenty of other guys she can go out with.


I just don't see how thats fair? I was not a bad person. I treated her with respect showed her a good time, listened to her whatever


So why am I the one sitting here feeling like I lost when she is out doing whatever?


just doesn't seem right


There ain't no justice

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Vulcan, I totally understand and have pondered the same thing - sitting here alone when he is probably off with whoever doing whatever - and yet I was always the one who was there for him, who tried to make things work, etc. Like you, the nice one. Yet here we sit and they are probably out and about.


It is unfair and it's not so easy just to "get out there and meet people". But it's what we have to do.

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It is not fair at all in our minds being the people that try to be honest and decent people, but the relationships they are never really happy in them they can never really experience love because they dont care for anyone but themselves.


Id love to say youll find somone eventualy there is somone out there for everyone, but Im not in a position to be able to believe that myself, but best of luck to you for the future mate, just be yourself and dont rush into anything.

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I have recently been through what you are experienceing. However, while you may put your heart into the future, some people are only there for them selves. You will feel the world may be unfair, but in time you will bounce back and be ready to continue the search for someone special. Remember, its not bad being alone. It is far worse to be involved to someone that does not have the same desires as you.

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that's why we date. we are trying to find a match. if it was just simple and you look up someone that looks compatible and it works out, wouldn't that be pretty boring? once you do find that one person, everything else seems worth it.


i haven't found that person yet. i'll look forever if that's what it takes.

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