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Still confused, is he just playing with me now?


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It's a bit long but i'll try and be brief. About 2 yrs ago I met a guy, he was very shy but the more I got to know him (indirectly through work) the more I liked him. Anyway he started to offer to do little jobs for me and after 8 months asked me out, so on our 1st proper date I got a little drunk and things went further than they should have, not sex, (we had no protection)but not far fom it. Anyway after this things were awkward and we didnt speak for months, apart from when I sent a hello text, he began to get chattier again and I asked if he'd mind doing me a favour, which he said yes to without knowing what it was. So we met up, he fixed the car and apart from being a little strange at first we got on fine. Since this he's been texting a couple of times a week, sometimes just saying hello. Othertimes appearing to be interested in what I'm up to. Anyway eventually I asked him if he was busy at the weekend and he said he wasn't so I asked if he'd like to do something. He never replied for 3 days, which was very odd as even in our non speaking time he always replied within a couple of hours. Anyway after 3 days he just said 'only one more day till you get made up, you lucky thing' That was it, no reference to whether or not he wanted to do something, the me asking text and the holiday thing was on the same text so I know he got it!


So really why do you think he took so long to get back to me and why no mention of us doing something?


Surely if he wasn't interested he'd have thought up some excuse for not doing something. So why get back to me at all?


Anyway I just replied that I couldn't wait to 'be a boss', and its been left at that!


I dont know what to think anymore, I go between 'he likes me' and 'no he doesn't' often. Now I'm just at a loss as to what to think!


He is seriously shy but I made it easy for him I thought. What do I do now?

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He may have not gotten the text. I don't get texts all the time. I'll end up getting a text that was sent to me a week ago, and I reply and my friends are like "what the hell are you talking about?!?!" And I ask them when they sent a text and they are like "wow that was like a week ago". Or I don't get texts at all, and my friends are like why didn't you respond were you sleeping? And I never get a text at all. Its entirely possible he didn't get your text. Thats why you should call ^_^

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