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Shaving legs vs. shaving face?

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A couple years ago, I wrote on here about how difficult it is for me to shave. I've used 3, 4, and 5 blade razors with shaving cream and I've tried tri-bit and foil electric shavers. My Braun electric shaver I have now gets the closest, but I can still feel a little stubble, even after going over the same area over and over, in every direction.


That got me thinking.. when I felt a girls shaven legs, they were silky smooth. I couldn't feel a hair or a bump or anything. That's how I want my face to be when I'm done shaving. It makes me wonder, would it be possible to shave my face with products for women's legs so that I could get it that smooth?


Sure, the question may seem silly, but I am desperate, and I don't know what else to do. I heard that some of the shaving creams girls use have oils and lotions and stuff to help their legs be smoother. Does that have anything to do with it, and would that work on the face with a normal razor?


I hate to shave, but I hate having a beard. Quite the predicament.

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I don't know dude...sounds like you are being a bit of a perfectionist on this? I have a similar problem. There's always just a litttttle bit left. I think if I had a razor with 10 blades I still have it, but it's close enough.


I can't answer to the lady's products, but unless you use a chemical foam (on your face!!! Ouch), I think you may be out of luck.

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it's not the products. they're all relatively the same, only the girls' products are girlied up a little (pretty smells, pink and flowers, etc). hair on your face is very different from hair on your legs. much more coarse, like CAD said.

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My friends have recommended a bunch of products they use, which I bought, and they did worse than my shaver I have now. I also tried all their suggestions like take a shower before hand or shave once with the grain and once against, but none of their suggestions do crap. The shaver I have always has to finish up what the regular razors left behind.


Supposedly, my Grandpa couldn't shave with shaving cream and a razor either; he used an electric shaver. Since the Braun shaver I have has been the best so far, maybe switching to a newer Braun shaver (around $200 or so :S) would get it closer. I figure if not, at least it should be about equal to what I have now, which is getting old.

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I have found two things that help a lot!


1. Straight Razor. It's a bit tricky to get used to, but I swear its the closest shave I have ever had. Ever since I went to the barber and got a real straight razor shave, its what I've preferred. I notice when using a straight razor, I have to shave much less because it is much closer. My face feels so smooth after shaving with a SR.


2. Shave twice. With the grain and then against the grain. Example... when your shaving your neck, go upwards towards your chin and remove as much hair as possible. After this.. reapply your shaving cream and shave over it again but this time shave down towards your chest.


Hope this helps bro.

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when I felt a girls shaven legs, they were silky smooth. I couldn't feel a hair or a bump or anything.

It could be that the silky smooth feeling is due to her waxing her legs, and not shaving. Shaving never leaves the same silky smooth feeling that waxing does, imo (and certainly doesn't last as long either, lol).


I agree with pinkelephant - embrace the 5 o'clock shadow!!!

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I shaved tonight and my legs feel silky smooth. They'll feel like that for another few hours and then the hair will start to come out. Silky smooth lasts only a couple hours.

I agree with that. It doesn't take long to feel all p rickly like a porcupine! lol. (That's why I switched to waxing and never looked back. Much smoother, much much longer!) lol.

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just shave until it's gone. really, i shave and shave and i can almost never have a smooth surface to say, 'yeah, 100% smooth.' the only time i've had the best shave is when i grow it out all week then shave. feels smooth then. no change in razors though. i use triple blades and gel. i get ingrown hairs sometimes.

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