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Money for your kid.....


Is more money wasted on your baby boy or baby girl??  

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  1. 1. Is more money wasted on your baby boy or baby girl??

    • On the boy
    • On the girl for all the elaboration
    • About the same and/or equal
    • I dunno, hard to answer

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When it comes to becoming a parent and raising your kid for around 18-20 plus years, on who is more money wasted on a boy or girl???


Explained why if possible....


I think it's on us due to earrings, dresses when we're little. Then as a grown up many like fancy jewels for their birthday. And with the long hair there is a lot of shampoo to buy.

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I don't "waste" money on my kids. I support them in a comfortable but not overly indulgent style. And I certainly don't think of it as a waste. I chose to have them, I love them, I want to give them a nice life.


As for spending more on which gender--it totally depends on the kid! Not all girls are big into makeup and clothes, you know. One of my daughters couldn't care less about any of that. Never wears dresses or cosmetics, wears no jewelry except a simple earring in her one ear piercing. Give her an old pair of jeans and a t-shirt and she's happy. The other daughter is more clothes-minded, but we don't shop at really expensive places; the upscale clothes are for birthday and Christmas gifts, not everyday.


Shampoo is cheap. Makeup is pretty cheap when you look at how long it lasts. And who buys real jewels for a kid? Even dresses don't have to be expensive; you have complete control over where you shop.


Activities can be expensive for either gender. Participating in marching band costs $500+ per summer, for example, for band camp, uniforms, etc. I'm sure the costs add up a lot if you have a boy in hockey or football, too.


I've never regretted a day of being a parent. It's the best decision I ever made, in a life where I've second-guessed most every other decision.

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And with the long hair there is a lot of shampoo to buy.


LOL, you'd be surprised how many hours boys can spend in the bath/shower. That's a lot of showergel.


Honestly though, I'd say if you are inclined to waste money it would not matter which gender your child is. Spendthrifts will always find something to buy/another fad to follow.

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