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What could it mean.....

If He Likes You He'll Do This -...
If He Likes You He'll Do This - Harsh Truth

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so theres this guy who I have this weird staring-flirting-ignoring thing going on. Its like we're really awkward around each other, yet extra smiley and sweet, and most of the time we pretend we cant see each other :S Im not quite sure whats happening..... mostly he gets all awkward and then I end up behaving the same way he does. its really uncomfortable at times.


Yesterday, I was walking down the hallway, and i see him standing there talking to a common acquaintance who happens to be his friend. Now this guy looks down with a grin pretending he didnt see me there (which is normal for him), and his friend looks at me... looks back at him and nods with a biiig smirk..like something is hilarious.


Im not sure what hes been telling people...and whats going on here....

And its not like i can ask him about it either, coz we barely talk and i dont know him that well !!


any opinions?

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