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Now i'm confused

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I'm the guy who broke the nc rule after only 5 days for anyone who reads these forums completely. I sent about 3 texts and later that day I sent my ex an e-mail telling her I met someone and I was going to try and do better with this woman. I told my ex I had learned what not to do from our own relationship and just pretty much told her that I was prepared to move on.


Out of nowhere I get a text from her telling me to check my e-mail. I do, she's angry. She accuses me of having this new girl on the side the whole time. Of having sex with both of them. without either knowing about it. So I called her and told her this was a new woman. And that I never cheated on her ever. Well, She told me not to date this woman. Told me I needed to slow down and asked if we could hang out


One thing led to another and we had a make out session. Nothing too steamy just kissing and a little groping. We're still broke up but her jealousy was much much stronger than I thought it would be. Now, I want her back....ARGHHHH

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I think you were not wise to do this - she has managed to keep you hoping, has sabotaged your new relationship and hasn't committed to you. What is there in that for you?


That's exactly how I see it. I love her though. I tend to do stupid things for her. She has a pull on me I don't understand

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