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My ex just went NC on me quite literally


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It's been two months since our break up and approximately one and a half months since I've been in LC. I never said I was going to go on LC. This was after we agreed to be friends (he gave me the GIGS speech of how maybe we would be together in the future but not now, and we should be friends up until then. he also said he felt nothing in comparison to the painful 4 other break ups we've had previously where he cried and begged to get back together). Yet it was still close to post-break up and I felt like we were both not in a position to be friends plutonically. I felt as if he wasn't making an effort, so I didn't either...and it just became LC which turned into more like NC (also because he was rebounding).

We were on speaking terms earlier this week (for the first time in maybe two weeks) which wasn't much but casual conversation. Then suddenly later this week, my ex blocks me on messanger and also on social sites.

What gives? Is it the NC/LC finally working and maybe he's starting to feel something?

Should I break NC/LC over this?

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Do you feel like you WANT to break NC for this or are you just worried/curious about why he's done it?


It could be he's looking for a reaction from you. Your conversation could have made him feel upset about everything thats happened and prompted him to try and get some sort of sign from you that you want to stay in touch.


Or, maybe he was upset by talking to you again after almost-NC and is trying to go completely NC to avoid it happening again.


If you're doing okay without him then I'd say just accept what he's doing and see what happens in the future, if he gets in touch or not. If you were trying yourself to get to an LC/NC stage with him then this makes things easier for you

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