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I can't loose her

3makka pakka3

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I met someone at college... we started talking over the internet, and now just say hi in passing, i would love to be more than this, but she has a partner...

I know that its not going to happen, so i just want to be friends and spend some time with her.

The problem is that we only say hi, and as she is in the year above me, (the last year) she is leaving soon, and then shes moving away to go to university,

so im running out of time to talk to her.

We have the same frees, but i don't know if she would want to spend them with me...

how can i ask her if she wants to spend a free with me, with out seeming weird?

and how do i feel better about her leaving? as every time i think about her going away i get so down and upset.

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