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Question for the women about a specific intimate


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moment. My wife and I had been together for 14 years and during the last few we realized how much we each enjoyed oral and 69's. I definitely know how to give her the O. We likely did this 75% of the time and in the last two years though and not enough penetration. She likes anal but I was fingering her there as she gave me oral nearly every time. She never seemed to mind that but I wonder if she actually did. Perhaps it didn't feel good or maybe she worried that I might do it at the wrong time if you know what I mean. My question is do many of you think it feels good , or you neutral about it or does having a finger there seem uncomfortable?

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Communication is key. She should be comfortable telling you what she likes and doesn't like. You should be comfortable enough to ask and listen to her desires and feelings.


Why would I want to do something to my spouse that she didn't like?

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