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  1. Funny I started this journal because I wanted an outlet where I can vent about losing my job back then. I had about 2 or 3 more resignation 'episodes' until I finally achieved the career fulfilment and stability. I rose from the ranks - got promoted every 2 years and became a full-pledged manager in my late 20's. A lot of perks come with the job, but my favorite is the part where I got to travel a lot, both locally and internationally. Of course, I enjoyed a more than decent salary so I was able to support my family and splurge a bit. It seemed nothing can go wrong, until... The company en
  2. You've probably met a lot of good looking people but the plumber guy came at an impeccable timing - just when you are frustrated and dealing with your own relationship issues. I'm guessing this made you more vulnerable to his 'godly' features. It's good to stop early on with the flirting. You've decided to make things work with your boyfriend so focus on that. I just hope he's also keeping his end of the bargain. Communication is the key here so please make sure you tell him all your other issues (like feeling you're doing everything for him). You said he hasn't been put to the test when it c
  3. Keep your distance; maybe transferring to another department is a wise move. You seem to be enjoying the sexual attention. Please stop it while you still can. The situation may not only cost you your job, but also your heart. If he has sincere intentions, he would have told you already in a more respectful manner.
  4. My tried and tested remedy for situations alike is to keep oneself really busy. Please don't reply anymore. I don't know the reason behind your breakup but generally a breakup is difficult for both parties, regardless who initiated. Your ex might be just as confused with her feelings as you are. So do yourself and also her a favor by finding clarity and allowing your hearts to heal, individually. All the best!
  5. I'm sorry to hear this. I think it is best for you to exit the relationship. I know it's easier said than done and to be honest if it was just the first time he cheated/broke your trust I would've probably advised you to seek marriage counseling and see whether you can forgive him. However it's been going on for years and you are no longer at peace. Consider co-parenting set up. Don't confront the other woman. It's not worth it.
  6. May i ask how long have you been together? If the relationship is relatively new, it's understandable that you are just starting to be more open with each other, thus he is now comfortable revealing his past with you. Look at it on the bright side. As you go along, you will discover more things about him - the ex thingy is just one aspect. Don't let past relationships get in the way of a potential new love.
  7. What you feel is normal. I think it took me more than a year to move on from one of my exes. Lol! What’s important is you acknowledge your realities and I can sense you’re eager to help yourself. Relapse is okay but just continue to push forward. Follow their advice on exercise and going outdoors. Try to catch a sunrise - it gives a sense of hope and clarity.
  8. I think it’s a good idea to come clean now rather than for this issue to resurface after you got married. It’s not just for your partner but for your own peace of mind since it seems you’re really bothered about lying. You’ve braved 5 years already so I suppose your relationship is stronger and you’ve both matured. Expect the worst - he might get pissed off; but hope for the best. If he truly loves you, he’ll be able to forgive. I’m not sure if you’re into pre-marital counseling but it might also help. You might want to do the ‘confession’ in one of the sessions together with a profess
  9. Did she ask you directly if they can move in to your place? What did you say to her? The next time you talk about it, I suggest try to be really honest with her about how you feel towards the whole moving in situation - your fears, your doubts, worries and all. Lay down your cards. This requires a mature conversation between two adults. If she has genuine feelings for you, she would not take it against you. If it affects your relationship, then maybe its foundations are not yet that solid. Good luck. ^_^
  10. My two cents on this is that having an anonymous egg donor will make things less complicated in the long run. We don't know if the sister could become too emotionally attached to the baby later on. It can also become awkward if the child becomes too close to the aunt. So to avoid that, might as well just have an anonymous egg donor.
  11. ...after 8 friggin' years! I can't believe it's been that long. I actually forgot my password already so I had to recover my old (as in high school days) e-mail linked to this account so that I could log in again. I'm feeling equally nostalgic and excited! I still need to get used to this again. I see a lot of new members already and I wonder what happened to my contemporaries. As soon as I was able to log in, I tried to retrieve this journal. I'm so glad it's still here! I read all my entries again and it's like I'm getting to know my self once more. Hello, old me! Meet the 8-year ol
  12. I still think about my ex. I still miss him. I still hope that someday, we'll get back together. It's been 5 years and I still feel this way. If this ain't love, then please tell me what it is... Madness. It's stupid, I know. I'm already in a relationship and yet I still long to be with Phil. I also love my boyfriend. I enjoy every time spent with him. But at the end of the day, when I 'm on my own, I still think about Phil. I know it's unfair for Alex. He has no idea that I still feel something for my ex. If he finds out, he'd definitely get hurt. I don't want that to happen. And I know
  13. I hate to admit this but indeed, I was a certified workaholic last year. I forgot what work-life balance means. I checked my office email during weekends when I’m supposed to be relaxing and spending time with loved-ones. I worked like a security guard (7am to 7pm shift). The worst part, I didn’t file overtime work for most of the hours beyond my 8 hours. Looking back, I realized that if I did get paid for all the extra minutes I worked beyond the required hours, I could have been one Prada or Coach richer. Handling Logistics was tough. Like a doctor, you need to be “on-call”. I will n
  14. The mood was all in jest that night when we exchanged SMS and planned to meet again. The idea seemed too good to be true, but I looked forward to it anyway. The nights thereafter I had been sleepless. I kept thinking about how we’ll spend the time together - where we’ll possibly go or what we’ll talk about. I also psyched myself that in case he suddenly cancels the date, it shouldn’t be a big deal. And I will be fine. Guilt crept up too and I thought of backing out. I never wanted to cheat on my boyfriend. He’s been very kind and loyal to me. But the yearning to be with Phil was so strong
  15. Wow, this would be my first post for 2011. I probably missed a lot of good reads. There are also many new names; the family is growing. Nice. I'm extremely busy with work, and that's good! All my life, I've always wanted to feel needed at workplace, to create value, to find stability. Things are slowly but surely falling into place now. I must continue to work my way up the corporate ladder even if it means giving up a few hours of sleep or passing up fun night outs. It'll be worth it...it must! Looking back at my Resolution list, it seems I've only got item #1 checked. Boy, that doe
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