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Confidence Vs. Courage.


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When I read the title/post I thought you were talking about the person themselves rather than what they appear as. So what I was thinking was:

- Confidence: usual stuff on carrying yourself well, feeling comfortable, etc. You truly believe, whatever. Say on approaching, you are truly confident you have a shot?


- Courage: Getting the guts to actually do stuff, say asking girls out heaps. You can be confident, you don't have to be. Ideally you'd have both but with eNA and threads generally it's one or the other

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I don't think you can achieve one without the other in order to have confidence you need to build it and that takes courage e.g if you ask someone out it takes courage however if she say yes this will enhance you confidence but if they say no your confidence will reduce. I don't think you can have one without the other following.

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