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  1. Priced one up (yep I'm inching closer to actually getting one!) and it's about $150!
  2. Been a while since I posted for the first time in this thread. And since then honestly I am very very tempted to get one. The hand is always ok but getting boring. I would love hands-free but the many times I've the various things online, they don't work for me. I gather my shape is a little different plus my sensitivity seems rather high for the more typical household object suggestions and constructions. Most important I now live out of home so no issues with nosy parents finding it. Still I feel very hesitant in pulling trigger and buying it. I have this feeling I have built it up to be
  3. In the end it doesn't really matter if it's truly being picky or not. In the end, he is crying dateless and not happy about it. Going on a single first date is hardly anything really. I'd be worried if anyone put that much meaning into just one date.
  4. It's also about confidence and morale. Being able to get that first date gives you loads of it, which you (and everyone else) needs. You don't have to go stringing people along, you may be a bit disappointed they aren't your type when you *meet* them, but at least you'll be more happy than you are now as you keep looking that someone
  5. You have to date someone you're attracted to sure, but I agree with Florida and Canine. If you cry "never had a girlfriend", "no interest", "dateless", "miserable with no attraction", but then turn around and say you've been turning people down then you just make people cynical about you and they'll just call you picky (even if you're not, but you don't even give them a chance!). I still chat via PM with a couple of guys here in their dateless ruts as I used to be, and we all know what it's like to have zero interest, TRUE zero interest. It's a bit of a slap in the face to be honest if you cla
  6. Maybe I've missed something, but from what I gathered, not just this thread but the previous ones, why are we even discussing "passing up girls" when there aren't even girls to "pass up"? It's like beggars can't be choosers, except worse. From what I've read the problem isn't standards, it's the SA. The one thing I have to say is remember ultimately luck has a lot to do with it (except it's up to the individual to maximise that luck). There's always a very real chance you get very active but still not meet anyone. In the past couple of years I have become much much more social, have more re
  7. Same I'm surprised you were targeting after 18-21; the same people who you say how you're stuck with in a bad way because they're harder to relate too. Anyway never mind good post. That particular bit was just news to me that's all lol
  8. I would agree, because that's how my life is too. I was never taught to socialise really, never taught how to talk to girls. Infact my parents perpetuated the childish "ewww girls" thing for so long it probably planted the seeds for thinking them as very different people. And because of thee controlled social life I didn't learn the girl-social lessons from my school friends. The females I do know are pretty much all acquaintances, except family and the girlfriend (who I did NOT meet via an activity group, work, or cold). The shock factor that comes with all this is seeing that it's suppose
  9. It just means your luck goes from bad to worse. Work itself is much more rigid; there may be policies against dating co-workers, or co-workers have the rule for themselves, and depending on the job, your level of meeting new people is not as high. It's like going to a gym or class with no "candidates" for meeting people, it will be the same every session. You don't get these problems as much in college. Or perhaps more correctly you are gifted more chances in college. When out and about working you really have to work much harder to get those chances.
  10. I just want to make the observation that this thread is starting to have that deja vu feeling to it with your previous threads LBS. Probably months ago there'd be an identical thread where you're saying the exact same things, or more importantly, making the exact same "goal statements" like getting over social anxiety around women you find attractive. Not everyone succeeds at their goals so there's nothing wrong with still struggling with it, but the post sounds like you still haven't even tried. Again just an observation from your posts and time I've seen you on eNA too. This point is a fa
  11. I think this one's heavily region dependent too. I had a friend from an Asian country tell me if you're a "rich guy" in a management style position in their country - which is not hard with a very low average income - you can basically pick and choose because the girls will come after you with those traits, and not just the gold diggers. Some countries obviously different. In some countries you can probably forget about dating a particular race for example. I could try but I'd be chasing the 1-in-a-million group. Though to clarify I don't think any of this applies so much to LBS, living
  12. Heaps of people me included have fallen victim to that; where we plod along all those years up till then thinking "I work hard, stay clean, stay friendly; she'll be right" only to realise it doesn't work that way. Yes it is a hard pill to swallow because suddenly all these goals you had in mind are actually at risk and this is where people spilling out clichés more just creates more resentment imo. You're a realistic guy, something I can appreciate, then stick to things which are realistic, things you actually believe yourself. Think about it, "Do and girls will be naturally be attracted t
  13. You're a smart guy LBS so I think you already knew the answer, even down to simple statistics. Infact on re-reading the post you say so yourself, "let's be realistic". Yes, there will be those who never experience anything. Yes, it's normal to feel bitter when things just don't go your way. To say it somehow devoids your life of purpose is a little rough though. Despite what people say about negative thoughts and such I'm actually supportive of anyone who in a level headed way knows their strengths and their weaknesses. Better than having cliches thrown at you all the time. Believing in fa
  14. I think your worries are more than sex if she's bringing up issues about whether she wants a relationship yet or not. I'd say it's the old addage of not wanting sex in general, just not with you (for now). I think the B&B trip should be your time limit. It should come out there whether she really wants a a relationship with you, and not just if you have sex or not.
  15. not practically true. if you're 50, even 40 or 30 yr old virgin, you don't need to mention those adjectives, people will automatically think those anyway
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