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Would "being behind" really matter?


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Hey all


I posted something earlier regarding to a situation, but maybe that was too complicated to answer...so let me try this:


I have been having deep feelings for a lady even though we went through NC for about 2 years (she knows about my feelings and appeared to have equally deep feelings towards me). I wanted to start talking with her again, but one problem is this:

SHE is 24, already graduated with a physio degree and works as a physio in a sports clinic and in at least two soccer teams (one state, one national) - I am so happy that she made it that far

I, MYSELF, am 27, graduated with Health Sciences (with Honours), but am now in my 10th year of uni study...and was recently held back in my Pharmacy studies by a year for me to repeat a subject - due to BIG anxiety issues and a large family holiday. I was planning to finish off my course this year before disaster struck!


I'm just wondering, if whether she sees me as a friend or something more, if the difference in our education and employment would make her see me negatively?

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Why, that's entirely up to her! In my opinion, it shouldn't matter. Usually a big difference in education levels hints at or even results in deeper things: anything from ambition to a simple thirst for knowledge. Your education and employment can be indicative of your personality, but everybody at the top had to come in through the bottom. People seem to frequently forget this.


Best of luck. Hope this helps.



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That's what I was really thinking...it's just that - well, in this day and age, you know about how many people judging potential partners a lot by how much they can potentially earn or would earn right? I feel this is obviously more from the female side - no offence to the women who posted - and that even with women making out by themselves, men might be expected to aim higher and higher just to be seen more objectively. I don't agree with that at all, but that's how I feel this society works (it just sucks).


Btw, ghost, love that Casper picture.

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