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Apologizing for behaving unattractively


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I'm not entirely sure I understand your question.


If this woman is attracted to you, is she attracted by your appearance? Your personality? Or does she simply find you attractive in all respects?


I think if she is genuinely attracted then she won't mind so much. Can you give any more specifics on the case? It is rather vague


I think we need more details before we can help I'm afraid... well I speak for myself at least.

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I know it almost sounds like a contraddiction.


But let's say someone who was attracted to you expected you to behave self-confident and attractively in a situation and you didn't, for some reason.


As a gentleman, how/would you apologize for behaving unattractively?


You don't. You cover it up by being cool guy the next time you guys meet up.


Unless you did something extremely embarrassing.

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