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You get the hell out my heart and mind

and I will escape the remnants of this

I will survive, and I've conquered everything

I need to just give you one more push away


I wanna see it, A life I've been dreaming of, living without you

I wanna see it, pushing sadness to the curb, a sunny breezy warm afternoon

I wanna see it, appreciating something entirely new, instead of things that appeal


to you..


I'll get the car, we'll have a drive

just one more final time

and you'll understand everything

somethings are better left behind

and somethings, are better left as somethings


I wanna see it, A night-time car ride, drifting slowly off to sleep

I wanna see it, peace at night, as were gently traversing over streets

I wanna see it, without you in my head, without you even here


I wanna see it, now.

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