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I'm not sure how to read this..


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As some of you know I've had some serious relationship problems with my girlfriend/fiance of 3 years.


I have a couple threads discussing this matter. I have come to the conclusion that it's not a guy. I directly asked her, and I have talked with her brothers, and mother and they all say its not a guy. She is young 18 years old, and she was supposed to be moving in with me towards the end of December. She then decided she needed to be alone. Anyway..


I decided to go NC after about 3 weeks of trying my hardest to get her back. Today is actually day 6 of NC for me. I have not contacted her at all.. no texts, emails, letters, calls, ect.


I received a few texts from her before, but this was the first in a little while. She sent me a text just saying.. ''I am a piece of , ***(my name)''.


Today is her birthday and last year today we were physically together and everything was great. I still did not contact her even on her birthday. I'm not sure how to read that text message. I did not reply to it, and I don't really think I plan to. Any suggestions?

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It sounds like she feels bad and wants u to have smpathy for her and that she cant help but do what she has done, sounds like there is hope though, myself i would text her something on her bday just to let her know she is not alone on her bday and that u do care, but obviously it is ur situation, do what feels right

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What were the other texts about?


This was the first one I have received since going NC.


I had a few others basically just saying ''Hi'', or some other small talk. The only promising one I received from her was her telling me ''I'll always love you''. Stuff like that pretty much. I didn't pay much attention to them, until now.

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I think you should maintain no contact for the time being. It's only been six days.


Yeah I thought so too. I just don't know what to think. I want her to want me, like I want her.


I had decided that space was good for her. I just hope not contacting her on her birthday won't push her further away..

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I would say happy birthday to her, you've known this girl for a long time. she already said she is a piece of * * * * , she'll feel even more like one. just keep it simple, nothing mushy. dont go down my route and send flowers to her lol


I don't know man. I love this girl to death, but I want her to fight for me. I don't want her to think she can always lure me back in.

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yea i know that feeling, but think about it, if it was your birthday, you would want to hear a happy birthday from her right. do it like this, send it really late the day of, like around 11-11:30 so it seems like it's not the only thing on your mind.


Good idea. I am a bit worried of contacting her at all though. I don't want her to think I'm sitting around waiting for her all the time.


It is now the day after her birthday. Tomorrow will be the 3rd, and 2 days after her birthday.


Could I get some more feedback from more people? Should I contact her at all or not? Should I break NC or keep it?

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you didn't send anything to her yet?


Nope. I've been worried sick about contacting her at all.


I worry if I contact her, she will think she always has me on a leash. Also.. I don't want to get my hopes up and be crushed and back to step one again.


At the same time.. I worry if I don't contact her.. she might get pushed further away. Especially on her birthday. She has a * * * * * friend, who likes to put bad thoughts into her head.


I just want to hear her say that she wants to fix it, and she loves me.

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hmmm, well you gotta do what you think is best man. if you do say happy birthday, just send a quick text, you really dont owe her much more than that


I think that's all I'll be able to do. I may not break NC. It's been 10 days now. I work nights, so I will think on it today.


I love her, and miss her. I must do what is right for me though.

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