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we broke the bed


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w/o going into details on how (judging from the topic category, I am sure you all can guess how) I will say my husband and I broke our bed. We busted the fairly new box spring---- it collapsed in on itself and as far as we can tell there is no way to fix it..... we thought it was kinda funny. has anyone ever done something similar?

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yep....mattress went through the boards underneath the bed......I know a lady that broke her jaw while having sex


eeek!! no injuries... tho we did have a good laugh



Whoa! Can u give me pointers!!!!! lol


sad part is we won't be able to replace it for awhile. the bed looks very sad--- one end is up slightly higher than the other 3 corners

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Broke the bed eh? Nope... can't say I've experienced that one.


Though I have gotten a concussion.... and nearly knocked his front teeth

out of his mouth.




Without TMI.... he was getting into his work and bending forward when I decided to throw my head back and arch my back.


Since neither of us were knocked unconscious... all I could think of saying

in that moment was... "IF you bloody stop.. I'll kill you!!!"... he didn't... we both ROFL afterward.


Good-times... gooood times.

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Me and an ex girlfriend broke my bed about 6 months ago. We were really going at it, then the bed started collapsing where the pillows where. On the way down, I was absolutely bricking it, holding onto the head board for dear life while falling down. We stopped for a few seconds, realised what we had just done then continued


This was a steel bed too, so ... I feel your pain

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