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Correlation between stamina and frequency?


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I have a random curiosity that I'd like to put forth as a question. I'd like to compare two extremes.


1) Men that are naturally able to last for more than a half hour of penetrative sex (could be an hour or more...that type of guy)




2) Men who are naturally and easily able to have many orgasms in a given day (not talking multiples here, maybe 4 or more full orgasms with ejaculation)


My guess would be that [1] is somewhat independent of [2]. i.e. men that are more like 1 may not be as likely to be capable of 2 and vice versa. What is your experience or opinion? When I say 'naturally' what I am trying to identify are people who did not have to work or learn or develop the ability to last longer or to have more orgasms per unit time. Meaning, it pretty much came naturally to them as part of who they are sexually. Honestly, the same question could be applied to females. I am just interested in thoughts and discussion and I fully expect and know that I will get a wide variety of answers by looking at different people.

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I think that you can't put it into statistics....many factors influence performance...health, alcohol, lack of sexual activity of any kind, There were times when I was a "minute man', and times when she asked me stop. Chafing. Conditions prevail!

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