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Ordering Pet Meds


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1800petmeds & places like that (that advertise on tv & such) usually sell stuff that's close to their expiration date (for example--a year's supply of heartworm meds that expires in 2 months from order date). That's why they are marked down so low. I don't recommend using those & I have yet to hear of a reputable online one.

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Your vet will sometimes negotiate a discount if you buy in bulk. Or a larger animal hospital in the vicinity.


There is one good catalog service I have used in the past - had the name of two vets in the title - but I can't remember now (it's been 8 or 9 years).

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Insulin has gone up unfortunately... along with groceries and gas this year.


It's something your pet CAN'T live without - and I can appreciate the long term expense. I often see pet owners who forgo their own meds to buy their pets.


First and foremost know which type of insulin your pet was put on - sometimes the human insulin products are still being used on pets even though there are pork based ones still available for dogs (more closely related to dog insulin). If you are using a human insulin - there are generics availabe at your local pharmancy.


Be sure that you are also buying the right kind of syringes - there are two types depending on what insulin you use. If you are buying from your vet there is less likely a chance for a mixup that you get sent home the wrong insulin syringe and overdose or underdose your pet.


The key to managing your costs on the care of a diabetic dog is to realize that not caring for your dog correctly will lead to subsequent complications which cost more money.


I am not a big fan of online pharmacies... I've seen too many of them dispense prescription drugs without correct authorization which I feel puts pets and their owners at risk.


Talk to your vet about your concerns. See what they can offer as far as substitutes or discounts for buying in bulk.

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Thanks for all the responses and suggestions!


He does need Vetsulin, which is the porcine based insulin. I know that he needs the U40 syringes. The vet hasn't been very sympathetic to our concerns, but I don't think it's advisable to jump around from one doctor to another. He (the dog) is still being regulated for the correct dose. There are a couple of sites which have really good prices--but, it's very good advice to consider the expiration dates.


The sad thing is that we had just gotten pet insurance which would have covered all the related costs, except I made a call to the vet when I noticed the symptoms--one day before the end of the waiting period for preexisting conditions. Since the call was documented, as it should have been, he will not be covered for the diabetes or any complications that result.


Our dog was a rescue. He was originally owned by an older woman who treated him like a person. He ate only people food, with such favorites as peanut butter sugar cookies and spaghetti and meatballs. He was 20 lbs overweight when we got him. Even though he lost the weight and went on a proper diet, he still got sick. It's an important lesson about not giving dogs too much table food.


Thanks again for the feedback.

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I can see your frustration that you missed the waiting period for the insurance by one day... this isn't a one time illness or injury... this is a lifetime problem.


Kudos to you though for making the effort to get pet insurance. You sound like a responsible pet owner and one who is committed to their pet for what it needs.


Vetsulin is a great product - be fortunate that it is available. Due to human recombinant technology there has been no need for pork based insulins - the veterinary market is very small. Pork based insulins were not on the market for several years. You could have a compounding pharmacy make it for you - at $60.00-90.00/10ml bottle retail. I believe Vetsulin is currently around $35.00/bottle depending on what area of the country you live in.


Good luck in regulating your dogs diabetes.

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I know that Dr. Foster and Smith offer some meds online and I think they'll even mix compounds if needed. Here is the link to their web site! I know of alot of people who use their pharmacy (mostly breeders) and others who purchase their products. As far as I know, they are very reputable.


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