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urgh I'm so mad!


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I've been looking for a job for 4 months. Last week I had an interview & it went great! They offered me a position I think I would enjoy for $16.50/hr. Today they called me back & said they made a mistake in configuring my pay & it would actually be $13.50/hr. That is a HUGE difference. Ugh, I'm so upset! You would think my dog died. It just completely pisses me off that this happened; I'd really like to just say "screw you guys" but this is the only place that offered me anything. I guess I'll take it anyway & keep looking for a higher-paying position.


I guess I should have gone Active Duty. I would be taking a pay cut off what I was making AD even with $16.50, now this. AHHHHH!

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I have a Bachelor's Degree, graduated with Magna Cum Laude honors, leadership experience..


It's about a half hour from where I live.


It's just being TOLD one thing & then you come to find out another after you get your hopes up!! Not even hopes.. I was told. A done deal. Apparently not.

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its one of the worst periods ever.I know people working for free, just to avoid sitting at home and have something to show on their resume, when these 'clouds' finally rain down.


Lord! I am going to be an engineering graduate in six months.I have a placement of 3500$ a month, but i am not sure whether the call will come on time(it can be delayed by more than 6 months) ..I might have to work on open source projects and rely on internships.This when i already have a study loan over my head.


But i am prepared to fight it out.So, i guess if your job profile is good, don't bother about pay.Keep looking for higher paying jobs though.


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