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The Journey of Her Life


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The Journey of Her Life


There was once a time when she would walk in fear, dark and alone,

Her life seemed no longer free, her future no more set in stone.

Days appeared long and cold, weeks were ruthless as they took their toll,

Yet little by little, her mind inched forward as she pursued a brand new goal.


She smiles as she hears the faint murmur of mild morning rain,

For a joyous moment it washes away the tears again.

Much later the fawn coloured clouds of dusk illuminate the evening sky,

With a contented sigh, she realises that another day in her journey has passed by.


Where there once was darkness, she now sees an ever glowing light,

The parting shadows revealing the colours of a distant rainbow bright,

The mirror on her wall reflecting a lasting beauty, still shining delicate and true,

As she makes her way outside, her soul searching for blossoming pastures anew.


Every day she reads aloud from her book of life, words of promise and love,

Occasionally she pauses, her eyes moving reflectively to the ceiling above,

For she knows this remarkable story has no ending,

Her journey is only just beginning, the wonders of her life still ascending.

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