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Why send this?


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One of my best friends sent me this as a facebook message today...she said she needed consolling but what she said has actually upset me. It came accross to me as though she is saying that we arent actually as good friends as we think. I feel quite hurt and I dont even know how to respond?! I dont feel like consolling someone that has just upset me.


What do you guys think?


over the weekend i have been having a bit of a worry on my mind about our friendship. i think its all down to this quiz i did on the internet, it was all about best friend and whether we r as close as we think or r we jus good friends.

some of the questions stood out to me after i did the quiz (there were like sections and loads of questions)

here are just a few that stood out and i would like ur opinion:


How often does she come over with out having to be invited?


If she comes to your house and you are not there will she sit and chat with your family?


When she comes over does she comfortably help her self to a drink etc?


What is the longest sleepover you have ever had?


How often do you talk to each other?


How much to you have in common?


If you were hours apart how often would you see each other?


Would anything dicourage you from going as often? e.g. time, money etc


these are just a few questions that have worried me, i keep telling my slef its just a stupid quiz, but the more i think about it these are all things were shoul have in a best friends kind of relationship. although the funniest question was:


How much do your sibiling get on?


I dunno what u must be thinking right now but i need some consoling.

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I have to agree with debaser on this one. She seems a little insecure to be taking an online quiz so seriously. This reminds me of a time I had this one girlfriend who went to see a fortune-teller (I'm sure you know where this is going). Anyways she told me about it that night and said that the fortune-teller told her that her relationship was going to fail. She said that we would break up in 7 days, 7 weeks, or 7 months. And sure enough to my luck, she broke up with me in 7 days. Some girls take stuff too seriously. It frustrates me so much when this kind of thing happens. Some girls tend to envoke the supernatural or the downright absurdness of online quizzes into determining the fate of a relationship (I am happy I am not a girl...If a guy ever sent that message...well I think the first thing to say to him is "why did you take an online friendship quiz" lol). Do the two of you get along well, I mean do you enjoy her company and does she enjoy yours? I don't think your relationship is in jeopardy over this quiz, but maybe you should have a talk with her about it. In person, not on facebook.

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