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So I had this idea...


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I won't go into my past or my reasons or my depression. You can ask me personally if you're really interested.


I was reading my old diary entries, things that have been too painful to touch for a while. For the past few months I've been thinking constantly about suicide. It's difficult to talk about this because I know how it comes off, as somewhat a plea for attention, and nothing serious. Plus, if you talk about suicide, in my experience you come off as crazy (and people want nothing to do with you) or you come off as just wanting attention (and people want nothing to do with you). There's really no safe place to talk about it without being judged or pushed away.


This is all aside from my point, but just goes to understand there is a lot of difficulty with my posting here.


I was reading my diary and crying, and a piece of paper fell out. It was something from some point at least a year or two ago where I'd listed things I still needed to do in life but had not yet accomplished.


I thought to myself, "That's an idea." Make a list of things you wanted to do, no matter how small or insignificant you may feel that they are. Make a list. These are things you have to do.

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