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ex calls randomly after NC


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My ex of 1.5 years broke up with me because of her cultral issues and also because she says she's lost the spark and doesn't want to work on the relationship. I've done all the pleading and calling i could and finally getting the courage to go NC. First time 1 went NC she called me the morning of my B'day which was sweet, i was torn and not expecting a call from her at all that day.


Being even more mixed up i went NC again. 2 days later she called upset asking about her tax refund which i said i would help with when together. The thing is I was waiting on some details from her so she decided to call then to sort those out even though i asked for them weeks ago. Also she was asking what i was up to even though she knew i was going to my mates wedding she was invited but due to the situation she told me it wasnt right and i thought it wasnt the best for her to come.


Anyway the thing thats bugging me is she keeps asking how im planning to celebrate my birthday, next weekend. Ive told her my plans many times but just sent out the invites and booked venues. I think she is planning on coming but i dunno for what reasons that is as my friend or a hookup or check im not picking up with others


Now im fighting the urges to call her again and just being friendly

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