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Oh wow, I just found out an old high school friend (whom I dont talk to anymore) got married and I didnt even get jealous!! I also went out this weekend and my friends spent most of the weekend talking about their boyfriends and how much they are in love and all.... I always was painfully jealous when situations like this happened but not this time, something in me has clicked and I think Ive finally accepted the fact Im single and there are no guys in my life whatsoever!! It gives me more me time.


Yeh I still sorta wish for someone BUT Im not in a rush anymore, Im 22 and couldnt care less anymore, there are bigger things in life for me at the moment.


Im focusing on whats in front of me. Im trying to be strong, and Im sure I can be, all I need to do is enjoy life and do things for me. No more trying to impress guys, no more clubbing and going out to meet new people. No more forcing things to happen. Im going with the flow

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