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loss of selfconfidence and fear and anxiety


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it seems like ever since the abuse, i have had very little to no confidence in anything i do. i don't know how to develop it again. i also have a lot of fear and anxiety...this i don't remember experiencing before the abuse. but fear and anxiety has escalated like 10000000x times.


after the abuse i used to follow loved ones around the house because i was afraid if they were out of my sight, they would die. i was afraid of doing everything and anything. looking for a job makes me nervous and shaky....going back to school made me feel the same way......i had so many hurdles that i overcame and still more hurdles to overcome.


i need a hug. can you relate?

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Try to focus on the accomplishments that you have made. I don't really know your story, but getting past abuse takes incredible strength and is a huge accomplishment in itself. It's natural to feel nervous when looking for a job, going to an interview or facing a new situation such as returning to school. With every little step you take, your confidence will become stronger. Hug.

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{mental hug}


I go through the same phases. I used to go into panic attacks if someone was more than five minutes late thinking something horrible had happened. I went back to school and had panic attacks for a month, faithfully everyday. Now I'm going to interviews shaking on the verge of tears. Eventually the school based attacks went away, so hopefully your position will only be temporary too.



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If you've been able to overcome anxiety in the past, try to build on that. You know you're capable of it, so when you start to feel in returning, use the same tools you used before. You have the added benefit of knowing that in the past when you've been through it, the anxiety was unfounded...you were able to get through the things that were causing it, so you already know that the anxiety was all for nothing, it served no purpose.

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