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Feeling sick to my stomach...

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I can't believe I was gullible enough to think my ex actually wanted to take things slow and eventually wanted to work things out. Just yesterday she was telling me she wanted to go out somewhere this week..

Minutes ago I see pics of her and her old boyfriend hanging out together again!.. The same boyfriend she couldnt stand, was disgusted with, had so many horrible stories about etc you know the rest.

Every last bit of hope I had about us one day possibly getting back together is gone down the drain. Oh booy this stings.. but I guess its for the better as perhaps I can now fully move on..

The bad news is I still work with her and I have to deal with seeing her pretty much every day now at work.. should be fun.

I know its probably best to just ignore her right now but dont know how tempted I am to call her and give a piece of my mind right now.

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Hey man don't do anything crazy. It's not uncommon for a girl to hate her ex and still hang out with him because she likes the "idea" of him. Doesn't mean they are doing anything. Maybe they have common friends too?


Yea it just stung sooo much seeing them together though. I don't know maybe I am overreacting but I just feel pretty betrayed right now you know. Just cant believe she'd even be seen with him after all the crazy storied, and he seemed like a lunatic constantly stalking her after the breakup, never leaving her alone, showing up at work unnaounced and he even got banned from our store because of it!.. All the supposed WRONG things to do. Now I see pics of them together at a party! Ahhh this can't be life, haha.

Im debating if I should even attempt to talk to her about it or just ignore for a looong time.. which wont be easy as I work with her but I could find away.

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CAD and insecure make valid points!


My friend.. you are no longer committed to her, so what she does is not your business as far as she's concerned. You're making more mistakes by giving yourself more grief and in the due process you will more than likely drive her into his arms if you do something foolish like let her know where and what she should or should not be doing.


I know it is hard, but do not talk to her... this will only open up the wound you're bearing. If you see her at work just try and act indifferent, this is one of the better ways of telling her that she's making a foolish mistake by leaving you, with you to doing nothing foolish like attempting to have talks with her and all on what pisses you off.

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Just a bit of an update hopefully you guys will have an idea of how I should handle this. Shes been texting me numerous times today and I havent replied to any out of frustration of the situation. The last text she sent was asking why I am ignoring her.

I just dont feel like talking to her right now but will this permanatly damage things between us if I continue to ignore for a bit? Or should I send a brief reply, and what would be a good thing to say if I do? Debating whether I should indeed ask if shes going out with her other ex or not..

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