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I'm tired of the x-factor


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I am overwhelmed with the most negative emotions right now; jealousy, fear, worthlessness, depression and on and on...


Anyhow, I have been with my boyfriend for 8 months now. We met at a punk rock club, I took him home and he has been by my side ever since thereforee it seems even longer. He has bi polar 1 and anyone who knows someone with that disease can tell you that a relationship with the afflicted is no walk in the park. Anyhow, I have stood by him through the rough stuff and sacrificed a lot in the meantime.


He is currently doing some time for a past offense which caught up with him. This is the second time he has been in jail since we have been together. He has been gone this time for about a month and may be locked up for 6-8 more. I visit him twice a week, write letter after letter and pay for the collect calls I receive from jail.


Last night his mother called and informed me that his ex girlfriend, who he was with for three years, dated a few other girls and then tried a relationship with her again to no avail, called and wondered why she couldn't get through to him on his cell phone. When he was out it seemed like she was calling him and texting him at least twice a week. His mother also informed me that once she found out about my boyfriend's whereabouts that she wanted to write to him, visit him, and bring him food. I immediately became sick with jealousy and possessiveness upon hearing this. Why would this girl, who is also married to someone else, feel like it is her place to care for my man??? Another thing; was his mother, whom I have gotten along with throughout, be telling me all of this to hurt me?


I know it seems petty but I just wish that this person would disappear! Not to mention that my boyfriend would most likely not tolerate this type of interaction from me. I am overwhelmed...Please Help!

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Where was he living when you met him? You said that he moved in with you right away?


Since his ex girlfriend was calling and texting him, he must have been in contact with her also, and certainly did not put an end to that while he was living with you. With that said, I don't understand why you're so worried about her, and not worried about why he was still in contact with her.


Also, since he's been in jail for the second time in the 8 months that you've know him, what do you see as far as a future with him?

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