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Can't decide where to go to college


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I have asked my friends, professors, parents, siblings, and now i would like to ask you, anonymous people of the internet, for advice.


first a little bit about myself


im 19 years old, and i just finished up my first year of college at a small liberal arts school in florida. i decided i wanted to major in science so this year i transfered back home (south carolina) so now im taking classing here. i have no decided that i would rather study environmental science specifically, and the school i am at right now doesn't offer it.


a prestigious school in the northeast does offer environmental science, and today i finished the application. i feel like i have a good chance of getting in.


so, my question is, do i leave my life here (surfing, girlfriend, cheap education, family, friends) for a life in the freezing northeast? is it worth it to pay 3x or more for school that has a much better name and a program i am more interested in? my girlfriend supports me and we stayed together the whole first year i was away in florida. we know we might have to take a break.


so, what would you do? if you need any more information i'll be glad to give it, up to a point. thank you in advance

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Well I once made a choice of which school to apply to based on an ex (then bf) and am majorly kicking myself now... because this school doesn't have the best science program.


I think you should do what YOU WANT TO DO. If it costs much, your education will cover it eventually. If YOU DON'T WANT TO be in a lot of debt when you graduate, pick another school. I'm sure there are good schools with a good science program in SC. I don't think anyone can tell you whether to consider your girlfriend or not. If you want to, do...but make sure you won't break up in the next 3 years, and who knows things that far into the future?


Speaking of the future, I think it should come first

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