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How Many Dates Before A Kiss?


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Hey Gang,


I'm new here so hello!


A little background. I am 28 and have very little dating experience. I've had 2 relationships in the past but never really did the whole dating/build a relationship thing. Both relationships got physical VERY quickly...like first date. As a grown up, I've recently started seeing a girl. We've been on two dates and I think that it is pretty obvious that there is a mutual attraction. However, given that my previous relationships went physical so quickly, I guess I'm just a little concerned/worried about the implications of the current relationship staying "G" rated. FYI, there has been much hugging.


The girl in question is Mexican and 30 years of age.


My question is this: Girls (25+ years of age), how many dates does it generally take before smooches occur?


If you need more info, feel free to ask!


Thank you for your time!

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wow... I am surprised. I guess I don't see a kiss as much more than a kiss! Whether you take it inside is a totally different discussion. If a guy doesn't at least try to kiss me on the first date, I might feel a little like he's not into me. I guess you could still have all the innocent affection and such before the full-blown make out!


Man.... I do love kissing, and am needing it badly! So maybe I'm the wrong person to add her two cents?

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I would say the first also, always happened that way with me and if there was a mutual attraction, which there usually was because I'd never date/nor have I ever dated, a guy for whom I had no attraction.


If a guy didn't go kiss me, I'd be thinking:


1. Lack of interest

2. I have bad breath perhaps...?


But not everyone thinks same as me....

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I'd say it's different for everyone and just go with what's natural. I don't understand what's wrong with making out. Whenever I kiss a guy for the first time it usually winds up getting intense and can't stop at just a 'cute' kiss - lol.


For me it's around the 3rd date typically. But then again when you meet someone online and if you've been talking to them for say, 9 months and then you meet in person---things tend to move fast.

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Honestly, I think the numbers game messes things up. You might be in a moment that seems perfect and not do it because it hasn't been enough dates yet...? That would certainly tarnish the moment and could even cause an issue going forward.


Kissing is sensual, but it's not much more than that, really. I guess it depends on the kind of kiss. Some people just aren't any good at kissing and I'd prefer to know that early on before I got too attached. This way I'd have a chance at seeing if he can learn...

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I'm not trying to turn this into a numbers game. I just figure that if I get as many numbers as possible, I can use the aggregate as an average where individual differences have been smoothed out.


Make sense?


Oh gosh, I didn't mean those numbers... LOL I meant that having that on your mind during a date might make you not make a move when the timing is right... Or it might make you make a move when it's not... Get it?

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