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need help with friends and girl drama


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I'm in a tough situation with a couple friends and a girl and could use some help. I've started hanging out with some new friends in the past 6 months or so. I've always been interested in one of my friend's sister (lets call her Susan). She has always shown signs of interest back to me, dancing dirty with me at clubs and flirting. I've kind of kept my distance because she is my friend's sister. It is also obvious among my group of friends that one of my other friends (lets call him Jeff for now) is very interested in her. There is a running gag that he made out with her and her brother acts pissed off. I think it is just an act on his part.


Last weekend, we all went out to a club. She was dancing all over me, laying her head on my chest and hugging me. Her brother kept giving me the eye, but not doing anything about it. Then at the midpoint of the night, she whispered in my ear wondering if I was dating anyone. I told her no. She immediately responded that she thinks that I am cute We kept dancing and I told her I think she is beautiful. All this time, Jeff was watching with quiet concern (he didn't hear anything we said to eachother). Susan then sat down at a table, I continued to dance with some of my friends. Jeff immediately swooped in to sit with her and talk to her and generally act clingy (he was following her around all night). I decided to act like I was a fun guy and kept dancing. I peaked over at her a few times and smiled at Susan, and she smiled back. She didn't seem that interested in Jeff, and definitely wasn't dancing with him like she was dancing with me (she was grinding all over me).


Later on we were walking back to my friend's house and Susan and I got way ahead of my other friends. We didn't know how to get back to my friend's house, so we decided to wait. She put her arm around me and I leaned towards her and we started making out. It was amazing! She then saw my friends coming, including her brother and we stopped making out. No one saw us. Overall it was a great night, and I really want to get to know her better.


The question is how do I approach this? She is definitely interested in dating me, and I really like her. The problem is, she is my friend's sister and my other friend, Jeff, is obviously interested in her. I don't know how to ask her out without potentially causing a lot of problems with my friends. Does anyone have any advice for what to do?

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depends on how good a friend jeff is. if he's one of your 'bros', you're going to be stepping on his toes. and since she's your other friend's sister, (and he doesn't sound like he approves), then you're stepping on his toes too.


is she worth it risking losing both of their friendships?


although, if you were going to take the plunge, i'd talk with the brother first.

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Welcome to eNotAlone,


I say go ahead. Her brother should be glad that she is dating a decent guy (if you are not a good guy then why is he your friend) and Jeff, although regretful she doesn't want him, should be glad that his friend is happy.

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