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Whats something romantic to do with your boyfriend on an anniversery when he's distanced from you?


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Oh yeah I found it!


Lol I just posted a really sweet thing on his myspace.


It's really cool! It comes up with a little video too.


Are you in a distance relationship by chance?



Our distance is nothing compared to alot of couples I know, but still 5 weeks without eachother is a big adjustment to spending every day and night together. Sleepovers and such.

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I'm not in a long distance, well an hour isn't long distance.=] I think its cute on 123greetings they tell you the special holidays that most people don't know of and you can schedule to send cards on certain dates! Like you could probably find a card to send him every night till you see him and have them sent on on different dates.


Well anyways you can also have yahoo messenger and play games together like the drawing board and draw things to each other. Or play pool or something.


I think writing each other poems are awesome too!=]

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I thought so.


No, I didn't.

Acutally, I want to break up with him.

There's a lot of history between us

that you aren't aware of.

And if I had time to explain ALL of it,

you might understand why I did/do

the things I did/do.

He wont make any time for me anymore

now that he's away.

Going to parties and drinking and smoking (weed)

when I really just wish he wouldn't.

When we do get a chance to talk on the phone

he only will talk to me for like 5 mins

and even then he's always talking to someone else

and not paying attention to me.

I'm having a really crappy last few weeks

and he's not giving me any support.

I just got a new job and he's not even happy for me.

Also, earlier he told me he only

THINKS he still loves me.

And he's coming back home this weekend

so I got sat. off so we could spend the day together.

When he found out that I worked the rest of the weekend

he told me he probably wasn't going to come. =\



Cheating on him is and was horrible

but honestly

you have NO IDEA

what he has done to me =\

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Well I think that cheating on ANYONE is inexcusable.


But his behavior is also something to be frowned upon. You seriously have something to be pissed about.


If this had been going on a long time, and you had tried talking to him, and he STILL did it or didn't care? Yeah he's not worth it.


Thank God my boyfriend, even in distance always makes time for me. If he did any of those things you described I wouldn't resort to what you did, but there would be HELL To pay. Ofcourse, I dont have to worry though.


Had he always been like that before?


Sometimes if your busy, or distanced, you can't always make time for that person, but he should try to be there more for you when he's close by, be happy for your job, and give you the support you need. And when your distanced, DEFFINATY talk more then 5 minutes. I mean, if he is really busy and can only talk that short, make sure he sends you lots of texts through out the day, pictures etc, and tells you how much he loves you. The "I think I do" Is retarded. Thats just a man who doesnt know what he wants.


If my boyfriend could only talk to me for like 5 minutes before we went to bed, of course I would be really sad but that would only be if he had ALOT of homework (or me) And we both have to get up early, and I got home late from work. And that wouldn't be by choice. He would still make sure to let me know I was loved and appreciated. I wouldn't tolerate him talking to anyone else or partying when he should be talking to me, if he hasnt alot already that day.


I don't mind my boyfriend going to parties just because he hangs out with a good group of guys. "just guys" and he doesnt do drugs, smoke, or drink. And he wouldnt go to any that were wild.


Yours however, is a diff story.

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i didn't cheat on him because of those things.

i didn't say "ahh chris did this and this, so i'm going to get back at him by cheating on him." No, no, no.


And now I just seen somethings between him and some b**ch from his college that I really don't appreciate.


Don't have text.... yet. Supposed to be getting it. And has has extra time. His classes are done before 3. He's just a selfish ahole and would rather goof around and pretend he doesn't have a girlfriend to worry about. And it's not just 5 minutes every hour or two. We talk maybe 4 times at most a day. He kept telling me before he left that everythign would be just like normal, we'd talk all the time, say goodnight on webcam, blah blah, but no nothing is the way he said it'd be because he's too busy for me. I think what he's going through is "out of sight, out of mind."


The thing is he doesn't just hang out with guys. And there's been girls in his dorm more than I would like. He doesn't tell me they're there but it's funny when I hear them in the background and I say "Oh who's the b**ches I hear in the background?" Dun dun dun... then he realizes oh yeah guess I should mention that like it's nothing.


Really though, I'm 99% sure that he's cheated on me too (he had a girl over when I was in las vegas and they slept in a bed together, but he denied doing anything... yeah right that should have woken me up) So I'm not the only bad one and he's not some perfect angel. But, we've been together so long that I can't break up with him. I just... wouldn't know what to do. As much crap as we put each other through I love that damn kid more than anything. =\

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didn't read through all replies so sorry if it's been mentioned...


send him dirty pictures... it might not be romantic but it will certainly get his attention.


Buy a nice piece of lingerie that he hasn't seen yet and take pics of yourself in it. It will be an anniverary to remember.

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Ugh. I know its its hard but I couldnt be with someone like that.


I mean, my boyfriend DOES get truly busy. He has a huge class load and is majoring in engineering, taking the hardest classes as a freshman.


He joined a frat, but its one not focused on parties etc. It has the highest GPA and they kick you out if your grades slip. He also wanted guy friends since he didnt know anyone there and he didn't want to hang with girls. He's really interested in getting a good job, he's going to a job fair this week and everything. We usualy talk for about an hr or more on the phone each night. If were really busy, like 20 minutes or so. Sometimes if we arn't that busy, we'll call in between. Like I talked to him for 2 hrs tonite on phone, and then 30 minutes when I got out of school today. And he texts me when he wakes up, and then we just text unless were in classes or I'm working, and we call when we are free.


But yeah, thats retarded. 5 minutes a day. NOT cool.

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Thanks. Yeah we were actually having phone/text/picture/video sex. Sending eachother racey videos etc.


Thats okay Kiss Kiss. Do you have a myspace?


god i miss doing that with my boyfriend. My camera/video phone got stolen. It was so much fun to send racy pics throughout the day at random.

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