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Anti Depressants, Good/Bad Experiences


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I am considering them, in the past, and still ive stuck to the notion that life is hard and I need to go through struggle, its normal, and will build character, but i am considering anti-d's, my therapist keeps bringing it up thinking its a good idea, i am kinda half and half, but basically ive got some very big personal issues and struggle and confusion, and she basically describes them as a life raft to help me stay float, kinda of like training wheels, before i can swim on my own, the aniexty and insecurity keeps pushing me under and she thinks it would be a way for me to overcome these things and help get me over these hurdles im facing,I would like to hear from y'alls good and bad experiences from these drugs, Should I just subscribe to the idea that life is hard and I've got to be stuff and suck it up and just go do things regardless of my fears and anxieties, to overcome them? I just dunno whats real and what makes sense anymore.

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There are actual clinical trials showing benefits for mild depression, and it natural.


If it works against mild depressions... great! Just remember, that because something is natural, it does not necessarily mean that it doesn't carry sideeffects, nor interacts with other medication.

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If it works against mild depressions... great! Just remember, that because something is natural, it does not necessarily mean that it doesn't carry sideeffects, nor interacts with other medication.


I totally agree. Talk to your doctor. If you are on any other medication, you'll want to be aware of side effects.

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I've tried 3 different types of medication for depression in the past with little or no effect, however the last one I tried Mirtazapine did have a small effect....taking anti depressants can be worthwhile....particularly in conjunction with other things like therapy etc


....different medications work for different people.... the doctor I spoke to initially prescribed Cipramill which is usually quite effective although that had no effect with me....the best piece of advice I would say is to just speak to you're doctor and see what they suggest....


...Sometimes I felt sick and my appetite increased on anti depressants amongst other things....

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I think you should try the anti-depressants. Be prepared to try a variety. I've been takings anti-depressants since I was 7, and I must have tried 11 different names.


But when you find the right one, it's really worth it. I've been using Wellbutrin for a while now, and I've never felt better.


Sometimes it isn't just life that's so tough, it's what you feel inside.

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I am on week 2 of Lexapro. Started at 10mg. The first day I took it I was wired and I could not stop clenching my jaw. That night I could not go to sleep at all. During the night my vision went all funky. The first night was the only sleepless night. For the first week I think it made my anxiety worse. Every muscle was tense. Now I am on 20mg. During the day I still feel like hell. At night I feel better. Who knows if this will work.

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Medication works best when combined with talk therapy and monitored.


After suffering from a bad bout of postpartum depression- I began taking Lexapro 10mg. I was very reluctant to go on meds, just as you are, but I finally decided that I was tired of suffering and feeling like crap. I wasn't myself when I was depressed, and it was RUINING my life. Life is not supposed to be that tough.


For the first 2 weeks on Lexapro I felt very tired and like a "med-head" but after a while the benefits of the medication became clear and I am very pleased with it and have not suffered any side effects. It really worked for me. I plan to stay on it a bit longer since things are so great right now and I don't want to mess with it- I will probably try to start weaning off in the Spring.


As a general note I would stay away from Effexor. Although it is a very effective medication people tend to have a VERY hard time coming off it. If you do some research on the net you'll see that some people are even organizing a class action lawsuit against the company that manufactures it because the withdrawal symptoms can be quite bad.

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I can not comment on experience with anti-depressants - as I have been one of those people who had struggled with depression for many years beginning in adolescence and chose not to take any medication.


For myself, the best thing I ever did was find a wonderful psychiatrist who supported my recovery AND offered me a wide range of treatment options.

Drugs were always an option on the table - however, I never did feel pushed by this man that it was the only line of hope; there wasn't pressure to fill a prescription.

Which is one thing I can honestly say, in all the various places I'd pursued some help from before, I had not encountered before - REAL OPTIONS and SUPPORT.


CBT became my main and most helpful treatment path. In conjunction to that, a lot of the assumptions and patterns (habits, even) in my every day life have changed a whole lot.


No - I do not think one need resign to the idea that life is hard and a constant struggle. Yes, there is struggle - but when you are in the midst of anxiety and depression, the idea of what kind of struggle and what life is really about - it's distorted.


My point is that regardless of what you choose now - if this doesn't work, please don't give up. It can take a whole lot of persistence and patience finding what works for you - the system set up to help is by far a "perfect" system.


Everyone is different, and everyone's situation is different, and so of course everyone's most effective course of treatment is going to be slightly different too.


Whatever you choose for yourself, just sending you best wishes and a healthy recovery and continued success once you "get over this next hill".


I truly believe we all can get better, and find our escape hatches out of the cycle. Most importantly, find the way to prevent falling down the holes and to be able to support a healthy mentality and way of life, find our joy again.

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I take Effexor and although it's really worked WONDERS for me in terms of battling my depression, I can tell you that I am NOT looking forward to the day when I choose to stop it. If I miss ONE dose, I go through withdrawals. I'm not embellishing either.


I was very much oppossed to drugs in order to improve my 'moods', but I had tried everything else with no success. If you really feel you need them in order to help you, there is no harm in it. Be patient. Sometimes it can take awhile to find one that suits you.

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I'm on Effexor and even though I'm pregnant my regular doctor and OB decided to keep me on it.


I don't think you need to worry about it having a negative effect on the baby- they probably kept you on it because they don't want you to go through any withdrawal symptoms while pregnant.

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