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I'm about to blowup in her face!

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...I AM! She really irritates me!


My boss is such a tooth faced liar! Everything that I do--she can do better. Everything that I say--somehow has something to do with her. EVERY single MAN that you could possibly think of somehow has a "secret crush" on her. Oh, and the WHOLE world is out to get her! Do you see why I can't stand her?



Yes, I am acting childish right now, but I have to get it out.

If this gets long, I'm sorry, but I have to talk about it somewhere.


I have been working for my bf's family member for almost two years.

In those two years, I have lost so much confidence and have gained

A LOT of weight!

No, I'm not blaming her, but dealing with someone like her will run

you CRAZY!


There has been some issues going on here at work.

She makes a considerable amount of money each year,

and doesn't even come in half of the time.

She's been playing this organization and basically stealing


It took me awhile to notice what she was doing, but I finally

found out.



In the beginning, she would call the office and tell me

to take phone calls, because she had an appointment.

Then, it turned into three appointments in a week.

When she does decide to come in, her work days don't

start until around noonish.

She might come in @ about 10:30 am, but that's

once in a blue moon.

Since she has me in on her little "scams", she'll call

the office now and say "I'm getting my hair done, I won't be in

today". Mind you this lady brings in a salary.

So, she's pretty much getting paid to get her hair done,

which she feels she's "entitled" too, because everyone owes

HER something.


When I found out, she started telling me to leave early, but

keep my hours. She would add more hours to my time card, which

I didn't complain, because I'm a college student already making

close to nothing.

She would have me run little errands for her, which would require like me

being out for over 3-4 hours at a time, but STILL get paid

for doing these things for her.

I felt bad, because I WAS stealing too, but I didn't say NO because

I wouldn't know how she would take it?

Would she fire me?

Give me less hours?



Well, it started to get worse. I started taking advantage of

the situation.

I would get paid for two, three days in advance and not show

up and NOT make my hours up.

I would come in late, but write down that I got there bright and

early, because I figured she wouldn't know and if she did, she

wouldn't care.

I was starting to be like her. I figured if she could get away with

it and make MUCH more money than ME, then I could definitely get way

with this.


It lasted for a while, but not TOO long.

She started noticing what I was doing, but didn't say anything.

(I could tell that she wanted too).

I kept telling her that I was sorry, it won't happen again, and turn

around and do it.

And yes, she was STILL doing what she was doing. (not coming

in, calling off, coming in late, but still getting her BIG salary.)


I guess finally she's going to say something.

This all happened on Friday, mind you.


I got paid on Thursday--a day early.

I was supposed to come in on Friday--from 9-5pm,

but never showed up.

She usually NEVER comes in on Friday, but was

coming in this past Friday, because I told her

I would help her do something.

Yes, we were going to leave work @ 3pm,

to go do something. Mind you--we would

still be on the clock. I agreed to help her

Thursday, even though I wanted to tell her


So, Friday, I didn't show up until 3pm. I called her

and told her I was downstairs--waiting for her.

She said, you didn't call, I didn't know where you

were, so I canceled. I asked her why and she just said

to come up here and "do my work"...

HOW dare her be mad at me?


I was out all day--preparing myself to help her

and she canceled? Yeah, I could've called her, but

I didn't! I figured she would be there until around that time



So, anyway, I ended up not going into work. Instead, I went

home and moped for a little bit. What will I do without a job?

Is she going to fire me?

Was she really that mad?

She does worse things!


So, I emailed her and told her I would go in on Sunday and

clean the office and finish somethings around the office, to make up

for my hours on Friday.


I guess she agreed, because another one of my bf's family members asked

if I went to work today.


My question is this?

When I see her tomorrow? What should I do?

What should I say?

I really want to tell her to go screw herself and quit, but

I need my job.

If I do get to keep my job. I WILL never take advantage

of this. I know that there are serious consequences to

what I did and what she does and will probably continue to do,

until they find out.

It's not right, truly it's not.

I've even worried about my safety working here,

because what if she does get found out and they come after

me too because I knew all along what she was doing?

Getting paid for not working, is stealing and it's wrong!

I feel like a scummy person right now.

I wish I would've never gotten involved in this whole mess.

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Stop stop stop stop stop. Listen up, if i would be your boss, and i go rob a bank, and steal money, and kill people. That's NOT a justification for you to do the same,even if the rest of the world is bad, doesn't mean its good, or justified for you to be bad also. You shouldn't want to be like her, you shouldn't USE her bad behaviour to justify your own bad behaviour, or let her turn you into some kind of monster.


Look at you! You have revolved your entire life around your boss. Getting this job was a terrible decision , your mingled with the family affairs of your bf, and that always leads to a big mess, because in family companies , family comes first.



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