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i miss

The curls in your hair,

my fingers running through them.

Your touch,

sends tingles through my body.

Your fingers drumming,

on my thighs.

Your soft kiss

on my fingers.

Your bright blue eyes,

seeing my future in them.

Your passionate kiss,

on my lips.

Your words

the sweetest of poetry.

That smile,

is contagious.

That look that

says ‘forever’.

Your embrace is,

the ultimate bliss.

Those silly jokes,

Only I get.

Your moves on the dance floor,

Makes them jealous.

All this and more

I miss more than I can bare.









I’m not usually a poetry writer but after everything that has just happened I felt I had to express myself somehow. This still doesn’t say how much I miss and adore him. I can’t wait to grow old with him.


I can’t believe that after so long

We both still feel this way.

One day I’ll come to you again

One day we’ll be together again.

We’ll grow old together then.

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