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Hi need more advice


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Getting back together bad idea or good?



well ok short version, have been dating this girl for 2 years. Relationship had been having alot of issues, never major like cheating. But still alot. She has her baggage former annorexic. Im jeaolus espacially when she keept not noticeing guys hitting on her infront of me and telling me they are just friendly and then admiting it when her friends told her they where. She keept adding assholes in on her myspace then when they started heavy flirting she finally would delet them.


Also she is a prefectionist and that created stress on her and me. Then there is one instance for example a guy in her group study group, addad her on msn and myspace. Ok I meet the guy at a party and he is a total douchbag. Then he starts hitting on her on msn and myspace. She then calls me to tell me that he spent an entire day looking at her boobs and asking her friends if she had a boob job.


She wouldnt throw him out of msn and myspace, when I asked her cause she was afraid of hurting his feeling and what he would think of her. Im her boyfriend dosent that count more?


The thing is we have been broken up for 3 week(second breakup the other was a year ago and got back together month later).


Then started talking and meeting. She says she has worked on her issues and is all better. She has deleted all the guys of her myspace, she is meeting her friends and is willing to meet my friends.(She never did any of this before, which was boring and I wanted her to meet my friends and party with me, not just stay at home, which is nice from time to time.)


She says she has changed and sees the errors of her ways.

she is a sweet girl, beautifull, funny and good with kids. But she is to trusting, dosent seem to be a real good at telling good people from assholes.

But swears that its changed.


The problem is that last time we broke up she promised all these things but things went back to normal a month later.


I have my issues, but nothing compared to hers. Except mabey alittle low self esteem and jeulosy(but thats undercontrol if you dont push it.)


I dont want to get back togehter just because its easy and cause we are lonley.


is this a really bad idea or a good idea to give this another go?????????????????????


Please help me

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so here is the new info. we have been meeting up again for about a week 6 times. She is really keen on getting back together. the sex is awesome. She is really trying to show me how she is changed.


Its fun and easy to meet her. It would be easy to get back together.


But Im still skeptical. How can a person change in 3 weeks?


also I find myself still nervous about her myspace and msn.


I like being with her and the physical stuff isnt bad and we have fun. But still Im not as keen as when we got back together the first time.


Im nervous and unsure. My dad says go with the flow. meet here and see whats what, then just one day when you feel like getting back do it or not.


But whats going on in my head, am I just nervous? Or is my heart telling me something. Dont I feel the same way or am I just afraid of getting burned again??????


I mean its fun, easy and I care for her. but unsure wheter I want to get back, I have told her that I still unsure, and we are keeping it a secret from everyone that we are seeing eachother to see whats going on.


What do you guys think

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Why do I still get this fear that if I break up with her I wont, find another girl as sweet or beautifull as her. I mean if we dont fit together and she isnt worth it ok.


but I dont want to end up alone, I want to fall in love again with a beautifull girl, who is sweet, funny and will respect me.


Then why do I have this fear?

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plenty of people are afraid of being alone. When you break up, it's only natural to think "i'll never find anyone i love this much" or "i'll never find someone that i will be as attracted to that is also attracted to me" etc, etc.


But if you give yourself time to heal, sort through all the issues in your mind, and then put yourself out there again, who knows?


If being with someone makes you happy, then you should be with them. But if you have jealousy issues, you need to work on that. Because even if you find another woman that you find attractive, you're going to be jealous there as well.

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well thats the thing, Im not a jeouluse type. But she pressed the buttons which made me jeoulus.


Like adding guys that flirt with her, letting guys hit on her in front of me then saying she didnt know about it. and more.


she says she has changed, but 3 weeks how much change can that be?

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Come on people Im going out of my mind.


She keeps visiting me and I dont know what to do.


Im unsure if its a good idea to get backtogher. I think its to soon


Im also not feeling like I should. I mean I should be happy that we are trying, but feeling confused and very unsure.


is that an indicator?????


Also what other hot and sweet girl is going for a guy that lives with his dad, is in university, owns no money cause he has a startup and is 27. i mean f***k


I need advice pleas

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