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I'am so lonely can anyone help me?

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I'am 15 years old and I'am about to start highschool for the very first time in a month. And so far I'am dreading the days. I barely have no friends. I have a few but not alot. And I just don't no what to do no more. I mean everyone in my grade hates me I don't no why,I'am act normal and I just don't know. I lost my bestest friend last year because she didn't want to hang out with the schools biggest loser. But I'am not a loser I do what all other teens typically do I go to the mall,I got a myspace,I wear make-up,I love clothes,music ect. I love to laugh and talk.It's just so hard and I just don't know. I don't want to sit all alone in my lunch on the first day of school. And be alone in classes. Last year I skipped school every week because of all this. I can't do that this year. I want to get homeschooled but my parents won't let me. To my options for me I rather die than go to highschool and be all by myself I can't do it no more. I have nobody and it's sad. All I do is cry and it's really hard. Can someone help me?

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Hang in there. Highschool is rough, but you can do this. You have to go in with a positive mindset. You are a good person, know it, own it. In your first class say hello to the others around you, do the same in all your classes. Introduce yourself. Then when you go to lunch, find those people and see if you can sit with them. Worst case scenairo is they will say no. If they do that will feel awful, but odds are there is another odd person out in the cafeteria who is in the same boat you are. Just take a look for them.


You will do great. Remember your good qualities, repeat them to yourself if you have to. Just don't give up, you never know who you will meet.

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High school is usually bigger. There will be other kids like you. I was just like you so don't worry. If I made it, you can too. It's rough but seriously hang in there!!! If people don't want to hang out with you 'cause you're a "loser" or "different" then they are not your friends! Forget 'em and find people who respect you for who you really are. And don't skip school! School and learning are so important. If you stick with it you can turn out to be so much better than the supposed "cool kids". Trust me. They might be "cool" now but they won't later! It may take a long time but it will happen! Good luck, darlin'.

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You sound alot like me when I started high school. Truth is, it'll be ackward at first, especially when you don't know anyone. But trust me, if you're open and friendly I guarentee you that you'll make friends fast. Just hang in there.

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Hey alwaystheone,


Man, you're story struck a chord with me. I had some similar experiences in middle school and the beginning of high school. I didn't think I was THAT much different from anyone else but there were a group of kids that liked to make me think so. I'm not sure if you get teased but I hope not... just makes it worse.


Most of the kids that thought they hated me actually knew very little about me. They only treated me that way because some of the other jerk kids did, and they would rather be on the 'cool kids' side than my side... so they joined in.


I have a few pieces of advice for you that I think might make life easier.


1. Realize that the 'cool kids' and the ones that hate you the most are likely very insecure themselves. Karma catches up to them pretty quickly. I say just avoid them and don't bother trying to make friends with them. Instead, look for people with similar interests, style in clothes, musical interests, etc. They are more likely to share something in common and be a better friend.


2. If you can find some school clubs to join that's a very easy way to make friends. When you are in a club everyone has to know one another. Sure some of those people won't be the kind of people you want to be friends with, but there might be some cool people in there too. Maybe a language club? a sport? an activity you enjoy? Some high schools allow you to start your own club if you aren't interested in any that are already there.


3. Wait it out. The first day might suck. The first weeks might not be great. But being in classes with other kids will give you the chance to talk to them and show them that you aren't a bad person and someone worth getting to know. The worst thing you could do is try to get home schooled... because then you'd just be running from your fears and it would only get worse.


4. Ignore the idiots. If people don't like you it prolly means they never tried to know you... forget them. Surround yourself with people with good open hearts and you'll have a great time in high school.


5. Realize you aren't alone. There are other people feeling the same worries and doubts. If you really need help and can't make any friends on your own you can go to your high school counselor and talk to him/her about it. Sometimes they will connect you with other teens that are looking to make new friends.


6. (Super secret awesome technique!!) I did this and it was just incredible. I took a class that was a mixed grouping of freshmen, sophomores, juniors and even seniors. (Speech class) I felt overwhelmed at first and that none of them would want to talk to a freshman but many of them knew the things that I was going through. After a semester I had a lot of friends with really great and cool people that were older than me. Let me tell you how awesome it was when I would be teased by some other freshman and then a senior would walk by and say "Hey Tim! What's up bud?" They were like... * * * ... how does he know seniors? hehe It pays to have friends up high.


Hope it all works out. Let us know!



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