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sigh this is hard i mean wut did i ever do

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well i recently posted a thing on here bout my friend who i happen to fall in love with alot of u said tell her how u feel even tho she has a bf well i did turns out she got a lil freaked out not only from that but all the time cuz i you know flirted a little bit with her once in awhile well her friend sent me and exagerated letter about her and my relationship here it is



ok...first off, i know you don't like me, and that is ok with me...but


need to realize that




she has a boyfriend...she has told you this...you need to stop writing


love letters and pestering her...it is freaking her out...you need to


now...or i will seriously kick your rump...or find someone to do it for

me...you really need to stop this...it isnt' healthy to obsess over

people...if you need to, you can go to a counselor, and get help for


type of problem...but you need to stop...or you will be


way...leave her alone...she doesn't like you, and you need to realize



keep me blocked if you want...im doing this for her because she is my


and i don't like to see her in misery...so just drop this


this is wut i was told now this hurt cuz suposidly this is in emilys words now i dont know but im sure that sits true cuz knowin her i guess she woudl hold this in and blurt it to someone now i dunno i guess i should just stop talkin to her and forget her but now this is goin to be all over the school how this shit happened how im a stalker and stuff rrrr im so mad and frusterated mary her friend is makin up so much stuff now on monday i have to face her and her friend in front of everyone wut am i gonna do im just gettin torn apart and it hurts so bad sigh i dunno wut im askin but wut to do from here how to fight my case against them cuz its gonna be all around everywere

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Well, I think you should stop talking to the Emily then since her friend sent you that letter. Sometimes it might be true. Sometimes it might be because her friend is just jealous that Emily has got a guy who woulod do anything for her. I don't know but i guess you have to play it by the ear.


Anyway, if you have to leave her,don't feel so hurt. She's not the only girl in the whole world. Then, try to keep your mind away from her. Go for sports or gathering with friends or whatever.


Well, when you meet Mary, be strong and try not to let her win. If she doesn't have any evidence, it's going to be your word against hers. But if everybody thinks that you're a jerk, leave them because you're not.


I know that this is very hard. Last year my best friend turned her back on me. Then I don't know what she said to my other friends and they too turned on me. I practically had no friends in school when I was in my worst state. My grandmother had just passed away that time.


I think I babbled too much. Anyway I wish you good luck with your confrontation.

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Well, I think the lesson here is that you need to be careful interacting in that way with a girl who you know is already attached. Sending a single probe out is one thing, but it maybe that your flirting was taken a little too seriously. Put yourself in his shoes too (the guy who is her boyfriend), would you like it if somebody put the moves on your girl? It's very possible that this is partly where the negativity you've received is coming from.


I'm sure you're not a stalker, but it does seem like a good idea to step back from the situation. If not for her sake, for your own. It's not going to help your emotional state any at the moment to take this up a level. It's really tough sometimes, but we do have to take a step back every once in a while. It sucks when things don't work out at first. Give it a while, let things settle out. See if this other guys exists the picture, and then be the perfect gentlemen in your next approach. Nice guys may get a little trampled by the crowd by times, but when you do make a connection, it will be a more rewarding experience.


I don't think you'll get branded a stalker if you realize what's happened and don't push. It's unlikely too many people know about this, it's just a warning from a single person who's had an emotional reaction to it for some reason. Don't let it get you too far down. You could consider explaining that this has all been some kind of terrible misunderstanding, you realize the situation now, and you don't want to make a fuss. Whatever you do, really try hard to avoid sending an angry message back. Best to vent to the board here like you did, that's a better way to handle it, so good on you for that.

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