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trying to save a relationship

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After our little tiff on Saturday he ignored all attempts at my contact yesterday and today called me and told me that he would call me after he is finished with work. I am still waiting, but it takes time(he does on call computer work) I am so scared that he has made up his mind that its over and I don't want it to. I believe that the relationship became intense to quickly and we are both to blame for that,he practically moved in and stayed here everyday. I want this relationship to work he is a really good guy. If he has made up his mind without talking with me how can I fight to keep this relationship going

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Just give the guy space. Don't add anymore pressure to the situation than is needed. Showing some self restraint will do you wonders here. If he feels like you are too clingy or that you are a loaded gun for when you do talk, then it won't start on good terms, and probably won't end any better. Just relax and don't assume too much.


Best Wishes,


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i guess bdub is right, the guy will need space. As i did write a long article before on something i read in 'men are from mars and women from venus', it did mention about guys needing space and girls needing to share. I know how you feel right now when he doesn't call you back. Cos i can't relate to it. But it helps if you stay stronger on your part and things will work it out itself. If it's meant to be. It is. No contact works for a few reasons. They need to resolve some inner conflicts within themselves as guys unlike girls are rational creatures and hence if anything is not moving rationally anymore, they will distant themselves. So its up to you if you believe in giving him some time and also you yourself some time to breathe in the air around you and enjoy the life without him. Re-embrace the life you have had before you met him. He will come back to you once he's thought enough.


My ex and I broke up early december. I am still waitin for him to resolve his thoughts. But i also reckoned i shan't call him too often already. And also mentioning of getting back together too often doesn't help either. So i am leaving things to the course of nature. If it happens, it happens. I went through the no contact thing, and just now, when he came to my house, it seems like its working a little. N i heard a bit of wat he has to say. The results are showing. But little by little. Give it time to see what it will bring. But with no expectation that is.


Good luck!

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