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Me and my husband of just over a year(together for almost 10) have decided to separate! We agreed to try to be friends and to still treat eachother with respect because we are still living in the same house, until we make other arrangements. He has been such a jerk to me! I'm am crying all night and he is out partying till 4-5am. Today is my birthday and he didn't even call me all day! His b-day was the 9th and even though we knew we were gonna separate, i still took him out to dinner and bought him gifts and tried to make is special cause i didn't want to ruin that for him. I didn't even get a happy birthday! I am so hurt! why is he being like this?? i dont understand! after so long....10 years of my life!! why??

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Happy birthday DGirl.


I'm going to guess that your husband is just reacting to the seperation. It is a very hard thing to go through, even if you both agree to it. My husband goes through phases of wanting to be friends to cussing me out for stealing his life from him. I'm not trying to make excuses for him, just answering your question with my best guess.


I'm sorry he is being a jerk. I wish he was handling the situation better. I suggest that you do your best to live as if he wasn't there. I wouldn't expect anything from him and try not to do anything for him.


Feel free to contact me if you'd like. I'd be happy to talk with you about my experiences and listen to yours.

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You want him to react to you? Find a good guy that will at least give the impression that he has more going for him than your husband. Make sure your husband knows about it. Make sure there won't be any trouble before you make sure he sees you with this guy.


We go NUTS and our hearts break when that happens to us! It'll be around that time that you may come to one of two conclusions.


#1-You really would rather get it "overwith" now than go through this again later.


#2-He'll show you even more what kind of jerk he is and you'll run from him very fast!


Anyway you go, you'll win, trust me.

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Happy belated Birthday! If I may make a suggestion, Don't jump into another relationship until you have healed from this one. There are various stages that you will go through before the healing process can begin. First there is denial, then anger, and eventually acceptance of the facts. Concentrate on the healing process, as painful as it is, so that in your next relationship you can enter it with a healthy state of mind. Jumping into a new relationship right now would be very unhealthy for you and any new partner. Find yourself again.

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o Gosh...it's too late isnt it? Happy B-day....


i hope by this time u're already over him. Hey...most of guys are like that. they dont remember important days. even me...hehe...i cant remember exactly which day my mum was born....it could be the 7th...17...or 27....something to do with 7... iand my best friend's b-day...i still cant remember...it could be 24th of july....or 24th of august...something with 24th...anyway...that was just a joke...even though it's true.


Dont worry,...if he's having fun like a maniac, why dont you do the same? come on...live ur life like there is no tomorow. Go and enjoy urself too. dont let one stupid jerk ruin your life. u dont know what's just around the corner.


i have this quote from a friend, and it gives me sooo much strength, i have it on my bedroom wall:


"things are not always what they seem"


that's exactly what happens when things dont turn out the way they should. If you have faith, you just need to trust that every outcoome is always to your advantage. you might not know until sometime later...


wish u all the best in urlife, Dgirl....and again....happy b-day

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