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Just a mixed up feeling vent


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I am real mixed up inside right now. I care for this man, I just feel we are in different places in life, need different things. So it is painful the idea really of him being gone forever. We have had some good times. But wow, I am scared too. He tried to commit suicide once and he ended up in the hospital.


Because I came over to his place on Friday night, and I saw he was home but there was a note on the door. He said he was out of town for an interview, he would call when he returned. I was a bit hurt instantly, knowing he was inside. So I waited for his call. None came until sunday morning when he was calling from the hospital room. I was done, figuring it was a game. He insists he tried calling, came outside and tried to get me when he realized I was outside. He had gotten very upset on saturday night and taken pills and then drank a lot.


So bringing us to today, there has been no counseling and he says he can watch my daughter for me while I got this position that requires me to work at night. I am uncomfortable given the above situation.


Meanwhile he loves to work, works overtime a lot and talks about it constantly. Not very interested in me or my life. I want to move to CA because I have grown to dislike it where I moved to and that is where I am from and would feel more comfortable living there.


Dang, it's like I know what to do but just can't seem to do it. I felt bad for the misunderstanding and the suicide attempt. A part of me felt it was stupid too since he could have driven over to see me. And also the insecurity of him doing this again.


Also, he seems to drink alcohol often, and cuss somewhat which I've done but am trying not to on both counts.


The nice side of him also fixes my car and does stuff to help around the house. The mean side sends my daughter to time out for everything and yells at my dad in my dads own house and gets upset over dishes in the sink or other what I consider miniscule things.


Sorry for the lengthly post, just wow, working things out in my mind and I can't seem to get my life straight which is what I need to do for me and my daughter.

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Normally I would try to work it out. Tell him he needs help and you aren't the one that can give it to him. Your daughter's life is not something to play with. Sure he seems fine, and he's had no fits of anger towards her except the time out. But her being in the situation with him yelling at your dad(her grandfather) is something that she could remember for the rest of her life. You know what you should do, do it. Good luck.

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